Sleep tracker pad - smart bed

Sleep tracker pad – is a smart mattress

Buying a new smart mattress is a pretty big deal. In fact, most people would agree it’s the most important component of any bedroom. However, the ordinary mattress is a thing of the past, the new trend today is a sleep tracker pad. A Sleep Tracker pad is a smart mattress, that can track your sleep pattern, heart rate, and if you are in REM sleep or deep sleep. Below you will read other features that a sleep tracker pad has, to make this investment in a good sleep a little easier, we have compiled the only mattress sleep tracker pad buying guide you will ever have.

Sleep tracker pad – read on to discover the top reasons people decide to buy a sleep tracker pad

Understand what triggered the mattress. We have all been there, one day our trusty old mattress works for us and the next day it doesn’t. Here are the top reasons people decide to buy a new mattress and sleep tracker pad.

  1. Back pain – if you are waking up with aches and sore muscles, or letting your body sink into an uncomfortable position. Either way, putting up with a bad mattress isn’t worth it especially since missing sleep can leave you feeling cranky the next day.
  2. Mattress deterioration – a good smart mattress is like a car or a favorite t-shirt, the more you use it, every night, the more it wears down. Due to this, it’s recommended that you replace your mattress every 5 to 10 years. A good rule of thumb is to get a new one if you notice parts of the mattress sagging, if your partner’s sleep is disturbed when you move around, or if you wake up feeling stiff or with pains.
  3. The need for the bigger mattress – life happens, if you start sharing a bed with someone, you will definitely need a bigger mattress. The same goes if you find that you have simply outgrown a smaller mattress that you got a year ago. Finally, if you are moving to a bigger room, you might find a great excuse to upgrade to a bigger mattress.
  4. Insomnia – sometimes the simple answer to all your sleepless nights is an out-worn mattress, sleep tracker pad mattress is the best way to go.

Sleep tracker pad – what to look for when buying a new mattress

Finding the right firmness in a smart mattress is crucial for happy and healthy sleep. Look for something that is medium firm. It should also contour to your body while still providing adequate support. A good bet is choosing mattress firmness based on your preferred sleeping position.

For back sleeper:

If you are a back sleeper, you need a mattress that can support your lower back. Most chiropractors recommend a medium-firm mattress that hugs the spine and that you avoid a spring mattress at any cost. They are too stiff for the back sleeper.

For side sleeper

This sleeping position needs a mattress that lets the shoulders and hips sink in a little. Look for a memory foam mattress that contours around these areas to ensure your spine remains properly aligned overnight.

Stomach sleeper

Stomach sleeper comes in 2 varieties, the type that genuinely prefers this position and the type that subconsciously choose this position due to lower back pain. Either way, you will need a firm mattress that holds your body up. Too much sink will spell sleeping troubles.

Combo sleeper

The combo sleeper will rotate through all of the above sleeping positions and even invent a few of their own. A gel memory foam mattress will let your body sunk slightly when you’re your side, hold firm while you are on your back, and not be too soft when you are on your stomach. It is the way to go when you want to take the guesswork out of choosing the right firmness.

Sleep tracker pad – features of sleep tracker pad

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right mattress, it is time to choose the features that you need from a mattress sleep tracker pad.

Up until now, we had to go to a sleep clinic to find out details about our overnight habits. Then came high-tech sleep tracker pads, and everything has changed. While most styles involve a wristband, some people prefer to sleep without anything attached to their body to track their sleep. And this is when a sleep tracker pad is invented, alongside smart beds, smart pillows, and smart blankets.

Sleep tracker pad is a device or cover that you attach to your bed helping you track sleep without being aware of it. This system is made of a mattress pad that goes under your smart mattress and a smartphone app to store your sleep data.

The sleep tracker pad tracks your sleep patterns and the light and the sound programs help you transition to sleep at night and wake up in the morning.

Sleep tracker pad – a list of the best sleep tracker pad on the market

Sleep tracker pad #1 – Withings Sleep

Sleep tracker pad #1 – Withings Sleep sleep tracker pad Sleep tracker pad reviews – How to choose the best sleep tracker pad 2019 07 19 2214

Withings sleep tracker pad is pretty basic. You slide the pad under the mattress and check your stats on the app, which monitors sleep duration and quality, snoring patterns, and interruptions. It also pairs with Alexa. Unfortunately, it does not give you advice on how to sleep better, nor does it come with alarm to wake you up, however, it can pair up with your other smart devices at home.

Sleep tracker pad #2 – Tomorrow Sleep

Sleep tracker pad #2 – Tomorrow Sleep sleep tracker pad Sleep tracker pad reviews – How to choose the best sleep tracker pad 2019 07 19 2213

Tomorrow’s sleep tracker pad is an under-mattress sleep tracker that comes in 2 options for a single person or for couples and gives you all the basic feedback you need through its intuitive app, heart rate, breathing rate, and graphical representation of when you are in deep, REM sleep or lighter sleep. It also chose the best time to set an alarm so you wake up feeling fully rested, gives you tips on improving your sleep quality, and pairs with other smart home devices. For comprehensive features at a good price, this is your best option.

Sleep tracker pad #3 – Eight Sleep Mattress Cover

Sleep tracker pad #3 – Eight Sleep Mattress Cover sleep tracker pad Sleep tracker pad reviews – How to choose the best sleep tracker pad 2019 07 19 2216

Eight Sleep’s mattress cover monitors the left and right sides of the beds, tracking movement and breathing for you and your partner. Not only that, it has a warming feature, which can be pre-set and tailored for each side of the bed, and it comes with smart home devices, making it super simple to build a bed routine that syncs all your alarms and smart lights together.

Sleep tracker pad #4 Luna

Sleep tracker pad #4 Luna sleep tracker pad Sleep tracker pad reviews – How to choose the best sleep tracker pad 2019 07 19 2219

This mattress cover learns your sleep habits and cycles by tracking your heart rate and breathing rate. It also changes the temperature of your bed, warming it up around your normal bedtime and cooling down throughout the night. If you and your partner have different preferences, you can each set your half of the bed to separate temperatures. Think of this as turning your mattress into a smart bed, since Luna can communicate with other devices. For instance, Luna can connect with activity trackers such as your exercise, daily routines, or eating habits that might be affecting your sleep. This sleep tracker pad can even work directly with your thermostat. And this sleep tracker pad costs only $249.  

Sleep tracker pad #5 SleepAce RestOn

Sleep tracker pad #5 SleepAce RestOn sleep tracker pad Sleep tracker pad reviews – How to choose the best sleep tracker pad 2019 07 19 2222

Take any mattress, foam, memory foam, waterbed, pillow top, or spring and place RestOn sensor on top of it, under your fitted sheet. Hit start on the RestOn app on your smartphone, get into bed, and it will start recording heart rate, respiratory rate, movements, and sleep cycles. The RestOn goes one step further and suggests habits that will result in better sleep, like making your room cooler, cutting late in the day coffee, or eating a lighter meal before bedtime. You will also get weekly and monthly reports that detail your sleep trends so you can make adjustments to improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep tracker pad – the importance of high-quality sleep for your overall health and well-being.

Saying a smart bed, smart mattress, or sleep tracker pad might change your life might sound hyperbolic, but it’s not. The importance of high-quality sleep for your overall health and well-being cannot be overstated. When you don’t sleep well enough or long enough, your brain doesn’t function at full capacity. Studies have shown that low quality sleep diminishes critical thinking, learning, memory, judgment, and problem-solving skills. Poor sleep has also been linked to making people more irritable and less empathetic.

Sleep tracker pad – according to research

Sleep tracker pad – Studies have also linked prolonged sleep deprivation to numerous physical health problems, including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and diabetes. However, despite all that, over one-third of Americans report that they aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. In fact, things are getting so bad that in 2017 the CDC declared insufficient sleep a public health epidemic.

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