Noise Cancelling – Earbuds or Headphones for your Sleep?

Noise Cancelling – The Need of Sound for Sleep

Aside from your physical health and daily activities, achieving the best quality of sleep every night also depends on the environment you live in. There are a lot of factors that distract our sleep today especially in highly urbanized areas such as the traffic noise, the noisy neighborhood, your neighbor’s pets, and more. Because of this, people opt to use noise cancelling devices to still enjoy a good night sleep and get that great sleep quality despite the distractions. Not getting enough sleep that is affected by the noisy environment should be given solutions before it gets worse and leads to sleep disorders. Insomnia, as one may lead to more serious conditions to your physical and mental health. Sleeping with a snoring partner is also a distraction to a night of good sleep. People who snore loudly are advised to use anti-snoring devices for his own health benefits and so not to be a distraction to the one he sleeps with.

With the rise of sleep technology today, multi-functional devices are created to help you deal with a noisy environment. Earbuds and headphones today have many functions and features that are not only for listening to music but also to help you enjoy a sound sleep. Both have a lot of advantages and it is on your personal choice which one is more favorable.

Noise Cancelling – Earbuds

Mostly, earbuds have no cushions, but some have. They are held in place by the center of your ear. These are one-size-fits-all and some have wings to tuck under the ridges of your ear so it won’t fall. Some earbuds allow ambient noise that can let you hear the sounds and noise around you. For daily exercise and sports, many people preferred using earbuds due to its size but others are not comfortable using them because it may not securely fit and fall. Generally, earbuds do not have a high-quality performance compared to high-end headphones. However, buying earbuds more budget-friendly. Many people use earbuds during a workout in the gym and to enjoy travel. Earbuds are more preferred for noise cancelling during sleep due to the comfort it gives.

Noise Cancelling – Headphones

Most headphones have cushions to enjoy the most comfortable fit. These cushions include memory foam, rubber, and silicone. Headphones are more secured due to its shape to lock into the concha. Some high-end headphones have ear mold especially done by an audiologist. Headphones are also known to have high-quality sounds and a choice by many for noise cancelling during sleep.

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Noise Cancelling – The Benefits and Risks of Earbuds and Headphones

Noise cancelling devices give us a better night of sleep and this is the main reason why earbuds and headphones are used during sleep. Whether you opt to wear earbuds or headphones, both of them have benefits to enjoy. Blocking out the noise from the environment is one function of earbuds and headphones that helps you fall asleep faster and longer. They make your favorite music be more relaxing and calming. However, there are also risks in using earbuds and headphones. Overusing them can build up earwax that when compacted, might be difficult to remove and can cause infection. Loss of hearing is also one of the disadvantages of using these devices. Always make sure that the volume of your music is not more than 60 decibels that is likely the level of a normal conversation. Loud music can put you on risk if done over a long period of time. When using noise cancelling devices such as earbuds or headphones, it is recommended to clean them regularly and maintain the standard level of volume.