Natural Remedies for Babies – Help your baby get a good night’s sleep

Natural Remedies for babies – the natural way of helping your baby get a good night’s sleep

Babies usually spend a lot of time sleeping from the day they were born. However, there are times that moms have difficulties getting them to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. The baby needs to sleep around 16 hours during the first three months then 14 hours when becoming 1 year old. There are some simple techniques and natural remedies for babies to easily fall asleep. But not all-natural sleep remedies are recommendable, so it’s also important that you talk to your baby’s doctor before trying the natural remedies for babies.

Baby’s Diet

You should consider your baby’s diet because it might cause sleep issues. If you’re breastfeeding your baby, your own diet might affect your baby’s sleep. Breastfeeding moms who are drinking coffee is not good for your baby. Caffeine possibly passed on to your baby through your breast milk. It’s dangerous to your baby’s health. You should limit caffeine to 300 milligrams per day, about three cups of coffee in a day. In addition, caffeine can’t only be found in coffee and energy drinks but also in sports drinks, tea and chocolate too. Eating spicy foods, dairy sweets like chocolate can make your baby fussy or gassy sometimes so it also causes sleep problems.

If you want your baby to fall asleep in a natural way, better try these natural remedies for babies. Several moms have used these natural remedies, they guaranteed that it’s safe for your baby and toddlers.

Natural Remedies for Babies – Chamomile tea

Ensure that your baby is eating enough in the day time. Young babies usually wake up at night for feedings but older babies will sleep longer if they’re full. Try giving your 6 months baby a tablespoon or two of cereal before bedtime for them to sleep throughout the night. You can also give your baby some chamomile tea in his or her bottle after the tea is cooled to room temperature. But don’t forget to consult your pediatrician before trying the natural remedies for babies.

natural remedies for babies natural remedies for babies - chamomile tea - Natural Remedies for Babies – Help your baby get a good night’s sleep

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Natural Remedies for Babies – Aromatherapy and Homeopathic Methods

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians’ website suggests that homeopathic sleep aid is good for your baby. It helps your baby’s irritability and restlessness. Try making herbal sleep sachet that has lemon balm, rosebuds loose hops, chamomile flowers, and lavender flowers. Then place it under your baby’s bed sheet when you put him in bed. On the other hand, lavender aromatherapy is a must-try for it can help your baby fall asleep. Put some lavender oil on your baby’s crib sheet or mix a few drops of lavender oil then put it in a diffuser. Moms can apply these essential oils to her baby’s neck, behind the ears and bottoms of his or her feet.

natural remedies for babies - sleep sachet - Natural Remedies for Babies – Help your baby get a good night’s sleep

Directions: Just simply tuck it under the pillow or in the pillowcase. Squeeze to activate the light, relaxing aromatherapy then inhale the soothing, savory scent and you’ll soon fall asleep.

Natural Remedies for Babies – Sleep Environment

A peaceful, non-stimulating place can help your baby sleep all night. Place the baby’s bed in her own room if possible then use the firm crib mattress that has fitted sheet on it. Prepare a wearable blanket for your baby. However, don’t cover her with a blanket. The temperature in your baby’s room should be comfortable for you. Tell your family to minimize the noise to avoid waking the baby.

natural remedies for babies - crib mattress - Natural Remedies for Babies – Help your baby get a good night’s sleep

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Natural Remedies for Babies – Bedtime Routine

If you want your baby to sleep for a longer time at night, a relaxing bedtime routine is recommended. Add a few drops of lavender or chamomile oil in the baby’s warm bath. Then give your baby a soothing massage to be able to relax more by using some almond oil with a drop of orange or lavender essential oil. Don’t forget to diaper your baby and prepare a comfortable pair of pajamas. Feed the baby a bottle or nurse his or her before putting to bed. Reading a story or singing a lullaby can also help babies fall asleep. Lastly, put the baby in bed and leave the room soundlessly. Again, speak to your baby’s doctor before trying the natural remedies for babies.

natural remedies for babies - oil - Natural Remedies for Babies – Help your baby get a good night’s sleep

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  • It can safely blend and diluted for babies from 6 months and up.
  • This product is 100% pure essential oils that include lavender oil and chamomile oil.

Directions: Just simply roll-on to at the back of your baby’s neck, chest, and bottom of feet. Re-apply as needed.

As early as 6 to 8 weeks old, parents start their baby’s bedtime routine and it’s a success. However, it depends on you how you do it. Try to look at these tips for a successful bedtime routine.

  • Try to play active games in the daytime and quiet games in the night time with your baby. It keeps your baby excited right before bedtime but gets tired from the day time activities.
  • Keep doing the activities regularly.
  • The activities should be calm and peaceful.
  • Babies like bathing right before bedtime because it calms them down.
  • Do the favorite activities of your baby in her bedroom so that he or she will look forward to bedtime.

Natural Remedies for babies – proven safe and effective to your baby

Parents might be excited to try these natural remedies for babies for sure as they already have the knowledge of how to use it. It guarantees that the baby would have a good night’s sleep in which every mom is wishing for. If the baby has enough sleep at night, the little one will have a good mood. Babies will be active and smiling all day that moms are always looking forward to. Moms should use sleep aids for babies because it’s an effective way for the baby to fall asleep easily. Better use these natural remedies for babies, your baby will have a good night’s sleep.

Natural Remedies for babies – recommendable by the pediatricians

Doctors believe in the old-fashioned way of treatment as it makes the baby feel better fast. Parents nowadays prefer using natural medicines for babies because it’s proven effective and safe for the baby and toddlers.

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