Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019

Baby night light – addressing the sleep problem

Is your baby having trouble sleeping at night? Are you looking for something that will help your baby fall asleep faster? There are lots of things that could be keeping your little one awake, as a parent it can seem like the factors and possibilities is endless. From sleep schedules to bedtime routines, finding a solution can seem complicated.

Sometimes, the thing that is keeping your child up at night can also be as simple as the fear of the dark, and the best way to combat this is with a baby night lamp. However, not all baby night lights are created equal, so how do you choose the best one for your child?

Baby night light – what are the benefits of night lights?

You might be wondering why you should invest in a baby night lamp, but putting money down for such a limited-use light might be worth it. There are actually numerous benefits to adding one of these to your nursery room.

  • Comfort – baby night light can comfort your baby if they do not feel comfortable when you turn off the lights. The night light can help them fall asleep faster.
  • Practicality – it is practical to have a baby night light when you are breastfeeding at night, or changing the baby’s diaper at night. Keeping the lights off and just using the baby night light will not wake your baby during these sessions.
  • Security – baby night light allows you to check on your baby during the night without turning on the main lights, which might wake your baby up.
  • Safety – creates a safer environment for you because you can see the surroundings, without bumping into furniture or toys that might wake your baby. The baby night light glow ensures that you do not disturb your baby’s sleep.
  • Cost-efficiency – some parents leave their hall-light on all night to give the baby’s room a little light. This might get the job done, but it is not as practical, baby night light uses little energy and won’t run up your electric bill.

Baby night light – what are the types of baby night lights?

There are a variety of baby night light on the market, each with its pros and cons. With all the choices on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine where to put your money down. Here are the types of baby night lamp, to know which one you will need the most it is best to consider some factors.

Baby night light – Plug-in type

This type of night light plugs right into the wall. Many night lights of this type have built-in sensors that cause them to turn on when the room reaches certain darkness.

Baby night light – Projection type

A projection baby night light projects an image onto the wall to keep your little one feeling safe and entertained. A struggle with this type of night light is distance. It needs to be placed appropriately or else the image will seem too small or too blurry.

Baby night light – soft type

A soft type night light is a stuffed animal that has a light inside. These types of baby night lights are designed to be placed in bed with your bed.

Caution: it is important to remember that your baby must at least be 12 months old, or old enough to sleep with a stuffed animal before you choose a thing to light. You must also know that the light emitted from these may not be enough to allow the parent to have a comfortable line of vision in the dark.

Baby night light – portable type

Portable night light allows the most freedom in placements; personally, I like this type of baby night light. It can be placed anywhere within the room and you don’t have to worry about plugging it into the wall. Just another con for these types of baby night lights is that lights turn off of batteries, however, most portable comes with rechargeable batteries via a USB cord. This means that you have to make sure you have charged it enough to last through the night.

Baby night light – lamp and shade type

This type of night light is basically a table lamp. Unless you use a dim bulb, the brightness emitted from this light will be too bright for your little one to sleep comfortably. There are some lamp and shade that comes with just the right night bulb.

Baby night light – Important features to consider

There are endless options when it comes to baby night lights, therefore, it is very important to keep a few things in mind before your purchase.

  1. Outlet location – You should locate all the power outlets in your nursery room and consider the distance from the crib. If your only outlet is right beside the crib, chances are the light will be too bright for your baby. On the contrary, if the outlet is too far from the crib, the light might be too dim. You can also choose to buy portable night light rather than one that plugs in.
  2. Colors are important – something as color can have a great impact on the way your baby sleeps. The color blue, for instance, has been proven to stimulate the mind and boost attention. The best color for a night light is usually red or orange, this is nature’s way of saying it is night time, as they are often present in the sunsets.
  3. Timers – some parents appreciate a night light with timer because they don’t want the light to be on the whole night or until morning. Most night lights for babies have timers, if you are not so fond of timers, be sure to check if the night light comes with a timer, or you could simply just leave it off, as it may come in handy when the baby grows older.
  4. Bulb type – it is very important to consider the bulb light, you don’t want to end up with a bulb that is either too dim or too light. Rule of thumb if you can see the light when you close your eyes and face the lamp, it is too bright, it will disturb the baby’s sleep. Get a bulb that is ideal for your baby, or if you accidentally bought a bulb that is too bright, place it where it is covered with other objects in the nursery room.

Other baby night light features, which are also great and may come in handy but not necessary are:

  • Thermometers
  • Sound machines
  • Color changing bulbs
  • Motion sensors
  • Phone controlled night lamps
  • Humidifier with built-in night light

These extra features are great if you are looking for a baby night light all-in-one.

Baby night light – check out below the best night light for babies in 2019 and learn about their pros and cons.

Baby night light #1 Hatch baby Rest night light and sound

Baby night light #1 baby night light Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019 2019 07 11 1619

You never know when you will need a portable baby night light when you are going on vacation or to visit grandparents for the weekend, and you want to bring night light for your baby Hatch baby rest night light and sound is the best choice. Hatch baby rest night light and sound, does not only give you a great night light but with a sound machine that has a lot to offer, and the best part is the sound machine can be customized and it can even grow with your baby.

Hatch baby rest night light and sound machine is designed with sleep in mind, it uses light colors that have been proven scientifically to promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production. With these 2 combined, it promotes uninterrupted sleep. One great benefit of this night light is that it can be fully customized or programmed, not to mention, you can do all of this using your smartphone.

Can be programmed to turn on automatically from a smartphone Some users believed that the light was too bright
Offers a variety of colors and sounds The app may not load properly on everyone’s phone
Includes toddler lock features Some buyers experience the sound stopped shortly after purchasing

Baby night light #2 – VAVA Lamp

Baby night light #2 – VAVA Lamp baby night light Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019 2019 07 11 1626

Mothers have spoken out that VAVA lamp was great for night breastfeeding. If you have been struggling to see when feeding your baby, or if night light is bright enough for you to see what you are doing, but not too bright that it tricks your body into thinking it is day time. Night time feedings can be tricky on its own, but having subtle light can help make the process a little bit easier.

VAVA Light was designed with breastfeeding in mind. It has simple one-hand touch controls so you can operate it while holding your baby.

VAVA light actually has a feature called feeding mode that causes the light to brighten just enough for you to see your baby and nurse or bottle feed, without waking the both of you up too much. This light can also be put into timer mode if you are hoping to use this to provide your little one just enough light before he or she drifts off to sleep.

Convenient charging base Some users reported their product could not hold a charge
One-hour timer Only comes with USB cable and not wall outlet
Great for both indoor and outdoor use
Able to provide increased brightness for outdoor use

Baby night light #3 – Vtech Baby Critter Soothing Starlight

Baby night light #3 – Vtech Baby Critter Soothing Starlight baby night light Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019 2019 07 11 1628

Vtech starlight is a baby night light that is great both for lightning and soothing your baby at the same time. There are many different strategies you can use to help soothe your little one, but nothing is quite as successful as a night light that uses wall projections and sounds. This little critter is an adorable companion that has a variety of features to help comfort and soothe your baby. This cuddly hippo can not only serve as a simple night light, but it can also project a starry night upon your baby’s ceiling. Not only does it have projection abilities, but it also plays soothing tunes, nature sounds, and more.

This night light comes parent –friendly volume and timer controls, which let you choose how loud and how long the sounds play, so you are in control of your baby’s exposure.

Volume control can be
adjusted to meet your baby’s needs
Some users noticed the music skip
Four colorful lights that project a starry night onto the baby’s ceiling Some users noticed that the songs skipped around between songs rather than playing one entirely
Voice activated to respond to baby’s cry
Timer switch that can play 10, 20 or 30 minutes

Baby night light #4 Bubzi Co baby sleep aid night light

Baby night light #4 Bubzi Co baby sleep aid night light baby night light Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019 2019 07 11 1629

Some babies respond best to night lights that are disguised as stuffed animals. It is much more fun for your baby to have a night light that can also double as a fluffy companion. Sometimes, your baby needs a trusty sidekick and you, unfortunately, have too many other things to accomplish before engaging in cuddles. This trusty plush toy can help offer your little one that comfort and support he or she craves – make sure not to put it in your child’s crib due to safety.

Bubzi CO Baby Sleep aid night light lets you choose the music your little one listens to whether you want it to be lullabies, white noise, a heartbeat, or a combination of all 3. You simply push the button to initiate the music and 30 minutes later it will automatically shut off so you don’t have to creep in on sleeping baby. Your baby might be intrigued by the beautiful and comforting night lights that are projected onto their wall by Soothing Sleep Owl, with just a press of a button, your baby’s ceiling can turn into a sky constellation that helps captivate your little one.

Soothing Sleep Owl can be hand-washed and is battery operated. Your baby can enjoy this owl’s company from a stroller, car seat, and pack and play, as long as you are there to supervise.

Plays 10 different lullabies Automatically turns off after 30 minutes
Five different volume setting The batteries do not last long enough
Velcro strap to secure it in place
Money from every purchase of Soothing Sleep Owl goes to Postpartum moms international

Baby night light #5 – Starry night baby mobile night light

baby night light Baby night light reviews – Best night lights for babies in 2019 2019 07 11 1631

If you are in search of a solution for your baby that creates a soothing environment, and not a completely distracting one, this mobile is a good option. You will get some solid features with this product, including music and night light. This night light takes it a step further and also allows the possibility of projecting images onto the ceiling. The universal attachment eases your worry this mobile may not fit on your crib. It is designed to fit almost all modern-day cribs.

The best thing about this mobile is once your baby has grown and in no need of mobile, this can become a table lamp or night light. It is a great investment that will last for years.

It has mobile soother and night light modes to grow with the baby and help the baby sleep Requires 4 batteries
Mobile includes 3 adorable toys and a removable canopy Toys are made of  cloth and are difficult to hand wash
Plays nine tunes for musical enjoyment up to 30 minutes Toys do not move or spin
Projects moon and star images onto the ceiling or the canopy

Baby night light precautions

As with all the things you buy for your baby it is important you educate yourself on the safety hazards of night lights so you can protect your baby, while still enjoying the benefits of these products. Here are some tips to ensure everyone in the household stays safe while using night lights.

  • Keep out of reach – If your baby night light has small parts, make sure your little one is not able to reach it. Many night lights contain choking hazards that could pose a threat.
  • Watch out for cords – Be extra cautious of cords that could cause suffocation or cords and outlets that could cause electrocution.
  • Remember fire safety – Some night lights tent to get hot, and this could potentially lead to a fire. Keep an eye out for product recalls in case your night light makes the recall list.

Baby night light – our final words

Our top pick is Hatch baby Night Light and Sound Machine. Check out the reviews on Amazon as well.

Baby night light is an investment; however, there is nothing better than getting 2 or more useful features for a price of 1.