Best night light for your babies and children

Best night light for your child – what is a night light?

A night light, as the name suggests, is a light you leave on at night. A night light is designed to illuminate a room with a soft glow that is not too bright and not to prevent sleep.

Best night light – what are the benefits of night light?

Best Night lights have many practical uses including:

  • Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark
  • Helps parents see at night when checking on their baby
  • Allow your little one to easily locate his or her teddy bear for comfort in the dark.
  • Illuminate the changing table for midnight diaper changes
  • Illuminate the feeding area without waking you and the baby up to much

Best night light is great for babies as well as for parents

While night lamps are marked for kids, I personally believe it brings great benefits for parents as well. The reasons are:

  1. You can easily fall back asleep – it is given that you have to wake up multiple times per night to either feed the baby or change baby’s diaper, turning to the main light will signal your body to wake up, and as we all know it is hard to fall back asleep once you are up and going. Getting a night light with just the right brightness will help your body feel more relaxed and at ease and can easily fall back asleep.
  2. Being able to see at night – are you tired of tip-toeing around the nursery room, accidentally stepping on toys that will alert your baby? A night lamp will be practical for times like these, where you have to check on your baby at night.
  3. Cheaper for your electric bill – night light is usually cheaper than ceiling lights.

Best night light – considerations before buying one

With so many different options on best night lights for babies available, it can be challenging to determine which is perfect for your child, keep these tips below when choosing a suitable night lamp.

The location of your outlet

If you are considering plug-in the best night light, take a look at the available outlets in your child’s room. Pay attention to the location of the electrical sockets in relation to your baby’s crib or bed. If the power outlet is too close the night light might become too bright or if the outlet is too far away the light might become too dim.

Colors to consider

Surprisingly, the color of the light given off by a night light can also have an effect on how well your baby sleeps through the night. Logically, you would think that a calming blue color would help put your baby to sleep. Research actually suggests the opposite. Blue light is a stimulant that actually boosts attention and reaction times. These are not beneficial when you want your baby to sleep. The white night light also falls under the blue light category. The best colors for night lights are red and orange. These colors feature prominently in the twilight of sunset, nature’s very own way of telling you to get ready for bed.

Additionally, experts believe that this is because the only colored light your baby would have seen in the womb would be a red color. Red lights seem to be the best night light for sleep.

Types of night light

It is worth taking into consideration what type of bulb your night light contains, some night lamps will contain light bulbs that can be replaced. Other light bulbs are fused to the night light, requiring you to replace the whole night light when the bulb dies. The type of light bulb also determines how hot the surface of the night light will get. LED light bulbs give off very little heat while incandescent and halogen bulbs can get very hot.

Extra features you want on your best night light

There are numerous features on best night light for kids, such as:

  • Thermometers
  • Music, sound, white sounds
  • Light bulbs changing colors
  • Sensors, which the light only turns on when it senses someone in the room
  • Portable and chargeable

Best night light – lists of night light for kids

Best night light #1 Slumber buddies night light

Best night light #1 Slumber buddies night light best night light - 2019 07 11 1817 - Best night light for your babies and children

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Best night light #2 – Best toddler Night light – Light my way Night Light

Best night light #2 – Best toddler Night light – Light my way Night Light best night light - 61wCHuYSjhL - Best night light for your babies and children

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Best night light #3 – Best modern night light – Glo Night Light

Best night light #3 – Best modern night light – Glo Night Light best night light - 2019 07 11 1824 - Best night light for your babies and children

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Best night light #4 – Best thermometer night light – Light My Way Night Light

Best night light #4 – Best thermometer night light – Light My Way Night Light  best night light - 2019 07 11 1829 - Best night light for your babies and children
Shows room temperature
Changes color according to room temperature
LED Bulb
Recharges via USB
Provides you with 13 hours of light
Brand – MagicMil
Style – Oval or egg formed

Are you concerned that your infant is too hot or too cold at night? Now you can take the guessing game out and stop checking in on your baby’s temperature at night with one of the best night light there is on the market. Light My Way Night Light has a built-in thermometer that clearly shows on the monitor, and the light changes depending on the room temperature, a way to signal you the changes.

The night light colors indicate this temperature:

  • Less than 57.2 degrees F – blue
  • 59 to 68 degree F – Green
  • 69.8 to 78.8 degree F – Orange
  • Greater than 80.6 degrees F – Red

Inside the box, you will find a plugin USB charger, a USB cable, and the night light. You can simply leave the night light plugged at all times. If you unplug the charger, the night light will provide 13 hours of light.

Best night light mentioned above is just the 4 of them, there are many more to choose from

There are lots of night lights to choose from both online and offline stores, however, there are some safety rules to follow to keep your baby safe during bedtime. Here are the things you need to consider:

Best night light precaution #1- Keep the night lights small parts away from the baby

Not all night lights are designed for baby to use or touch, they are simply designed to give the right night-light comfort. There might be small parts of the night light, that is choking hazard, and these should always be kept out of baby’s reach.

Best night light precaution #2- Electricity and safety

Plug in night lights can pose an electrocution hazard should your baby try to unplug it or spill liquid on it. Many plugs in night light contain fun characters and colors to capture young minds attention, drawing him straight to it. Unless your baby is safe and sound in his crib it is best that you supervise your little one around the plug-in night lights.

Best night light precaution #3Pay attention to recalls

Just like any other baby products, it is recommended you pay attention to recall lists. In 2012 over 200 000 LED night lights were recalled because they got too hot and might cause a fire. If you notice your night light is getting too hot, immediately discontinue using it and contact the manufacturer.