Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

Night Light for Babies – provides comfort and good night sleep for babies

The newborn will soon be toddler, because of that their sleeping time will be adjusted in which moms experience hardships in making them sleep. Moms opt to have a night light to keep them more comfortable in the dark. It’s not advisable to depend on a regular lamp or ceiling
light. Too much light in the middle of the night when having a nighttime feeding or changing the diaper, your toddler might think it’s time to get up. Mom might be having a hard time to get them back to sleep. In addition, baby companies produced sleep gadgets.

Here is some recommended night light for babies to choose from.

Night Light for Babies – 1. Greenic Dusk-to-Dawn LED Nightlight

night light  night light - Greenic - Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

You may think this one looks a little too basic, but it is actually very effective. Casting just enough diffuse light, this nightlight can help you find your way around for diaper changes and feedings; although not so much that it’ll make it hard for your baby to sleep. Just be sure to buy one in a warm color: we recommend the amber-colored one!

Night Light for babies – 2. VAVA Baby Night Light

night light - VAVA - Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

The VAVA Night Light is a customizable light with a rechargeable battery that lasts 200 or hours in dimmest or brightest settings, respectively. With a bottom button that disables touch control and boosts brightness by 30% for outdoor visibility, it’s a suitable partner for camping. Another feature we love is that you can touch the top for half a second to enter night light mode for breastfeeding at night, for example, or you can tap the logo twice to set a 1-hour timer to comfort your toddler to sleep. In this way, your toddler has a night light as he goes to sleep, but it won’t wake him in the middle of the night.

Night Light for babies – 3. Bubzi Co. Owl Plush & Projector

night light - Bubzi - Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

This cute little owl doubles as a night light and a lullaby player with 10 different lullabies. It projects a beautiful, soft starlight scene for a total of 30 minutes before automatically shutting off. The Bubzi Co. Owl Plush & Projector could also work as a great bedtime routine tool: to signal your baby that your routine is over and that it’s time to go to sleep, simply run on this adorable plush owl. On the other hand, some babies might find the projected starlight scene distracting; however, the projected image doesn’t move so it should work for most babies. In addition to all of that, this plush owl is portable and is powered by batteries, which means you can easily take it anywhere.

Night Light for babies – 4. NEW GENERATION Projector Night Light

night light - NEWGEN - Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

Honestly, this might not make a good night light with the moving stars and multi-colored lights that are clearly distracting. However, your toddler might really love it: it’s like sleeping under the night sky dotted with stars. This projector offers soft light that will keep your toddler comfortable and secure until sleep. It also projects a rotating star-and-moon scene that could be enough to make a restless and antsy toddler stay in bed with its interesting projection. In addition, this could be another great bedtime routine ender – if you consistently end your routine by turning on the projector, it could send a strong signal to your toddler that it’s time to settle in and go to sleep.

Night Light for babies – 5. Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight

night light - munchkin 1 - Night Light for Babies Reviews – Top 5 Recommended Night Light

This adorable, portable little nightlight resembles an owl and works really well for babies and toddlers. Casting a nice warm glow, it’ll really set off a nice vibe that will send your toddler to sleep. One of its features is that the light automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, but if your toddler wakes in the night and wants her night light on. He or she can simply press a button for another 15 minutes of light. Another bonus, your toddler can carry this for trips to the potty at midnight.

Night Light for babies

Moms out there might be happy to know these night light for babies because both of them can have a good night’s sleep. With its great features, your babies won’t be awake even if your feeding or changing his or her diaper. Moreover, mothers need to have enough sleep at night to be able to survive the whole day babysitting and finish the house chores.