Noise Masking – Buying Guide, Review, and Price Comparisons

What Can It Do For You

You might be sensitive to sound at night or sleep like a rock, every sound that you hear while you sleep can affect the sleep quality that you want to achieve every night. This may disrupt good sleep and can affect your health. Many people use sleep aids as solutions such as smart masks, or sleepbuds for noise masking and a good sound to get a night of better sleep.  Any sound can both have positive and negative effects on people depending on what you hear and how loud it is. There are many ways noise-masking benefits people in many places, especially during bedtime. Noise masking machines play different soothing sounds consistently to neutralize noises in from the environment that distract sleep. It helps you get uninterrupted sleep and allows you to enjoy the benefits you get from a quality and sound sleep such as reducing stress, improving your memory, lowers your blood pressure, put you in a better mood and achieve the quality of life.

Sound Machines

A sound machine is a way to use noise masking. You can mask the noise in your bedroom during sleep or in your office to benefit the workers and have focus at work. Sound machines are used in noise masking and known to calm the people who hear it and sounds include the rushing waterfall or wind blowing the trees, and serene and nature-like sounds. When using a sound machine, take some of these tips to enjoy noise masking more:

  1. If you have a baby and put up your sound machine, make sure that its 6 feet from the head of the crib or your bed.
  2. You can cover the power light of the noise machine with a black paper or black electrical tape so it won’t bother you during sleep.
  3. It is good to keep your noise machine all night and never use a timer. It will give you better and restful sleep.
  4. You can use white, grey, pink, or brown noise so your brain will not try to pick any connections.
noise masking noise masking - big rooster 300x294 - Noise Masking – Buying Guide, Review, and Price Comparisons

Big Rooster White Noise Machine  

noise masking - Homedics 1 300x227 - Noise Masking – Buying Guide, Review, and Price Comparisons

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

noise masking - lectrofanevo 300x255 - Noise Masking – Buying Guide, Review, and Price Comparisons

LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine

Choose Your Noise Machine

Noise masking is known to be an effective way to fall asleep fast in the middle of a noisy environment. If you are in a place where sleeping is difficult to achieve, you might need a sound machine for an effective noise masking and enjoy a good night’s sleep. However in noise masking, it is important to consider some factors before buying your sound machine and these include the power source, the capabilities of the machine, the types of noise, the size of the machine, the overall sound quality, the purpose of buying it and the environment you live.