Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Sleep Tech – How Sleep Technology Helps

People know the benefits brought to us by technology. The latest technology, in fact, makes our life easier in many aspects at work, in communication, and even in sleep. A lot of innovations such as sleep tech help develop sleep quality making it easier to fall asleep and have it longer. Sleep tech is rising and created sleep gadgets, sleep trackers, night lights and others because all people know the harm of sleep disorders. To mention, people who lack sleep increased the chance of various physical and mental diseases. The social aspect of life is also affected when a person does not get enough sleep every day.

Sleep Tech – What Do you Get from Sleep

Completing the recommended hours of sleep by age makes you enjoy all the benefits of it. Some may not be able to sleep faster and longer than the others however, through the help of sleep tech, night lights, natural ways such as herbal teas. Enjoy these good effects from a sound and restful sleep:

  1. Good sleep can reduce your stress.
  2. A good sleep help improves your memory.
  3. A good sleep lowers down your blood pressure.
  4. A good sleep maintains your body weight or helps you achieve your ideal weight.
  5. A good sleep puts you in a better mood.
  6. A good sleep makes your heart healthier.
  7. A good sleep makes you smarter.
  8. Good sleep can be a painkiller.
  9. A good sleep strengthens your ability to fight back infection.
  10. Good sleep helps you reduce the chance of diabetes.

Sleep Tech – Why Choose Sleep Tech

Sleep tech is a device that helps you fall asleep faster, get a good quality of sleep and have it longer. Achieving good sleep gives you better health. Today’s stressful lifestyle may lead you to poor health and sleep is one best thing to rest your mind and body.

There is a wide amount of technology we use every day in our lives and it’s sometimes challenging for us to turn them off at bedtime making it a distraction to sleep. However, people should not take at technology in a bad light when we are talking about sleep because sleep tech is a big help. Sleep tech is created to soothe your senses, prepare you to sleep, and monitor your sleep to know if you are getting a good quality of it.

Sleep Tech – Sound Machines

Noise masking is a common reason why people turn to sound machines. A noisy environment is one of the factors why many suffer from the effects of lack of sleep, so finding solutions like putting up a sound machine in your bedroom is a great help. If you are thinking to buy a sound machine, you will realize a wide selection from the market and it is necessary to know some reviews before buying one.

To give you some tips, here are the things you have to be in mind when looking for a sound machine that you will love. First, decide on what color of noise such as white, pink, and brown that you want. Second, choose a sound machine that has an automatic shut-off so it won’t play all night. Third, always check on the special features that the sound machines offer.  You can check some reviews before buying it online or from your favorite shop. It is your personal preference if you want a sound machine that offers a lot of sounds or you prefer just a few available sounds. It’s all about your personal preference.

sleep tech sleep tech - dreamegg 300x290 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Dreamegg White Noise Sound Machine

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sleep tech - moico 300x286 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

MOICO Sound Machine

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Sleep Tech – Night Lights

Some people can fall asleep faster with night lights. Using a night light is also helpful for nursing moms for they can wake up at night to nurse their babies not disturbing their sound sleep. Exposure to a red light is also beneficial because it won’t damage your melatonin but aid its production, thus, it can aid your sleep.

sleep tech - syntus 288x300 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Syntus Himalayan Lamp

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sleep tech - mrgo 292x300 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Mr. Go LED Egg Light

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Sleep Tech – Sleep Trackers

It is natural to be curious and wants to know how long you sleep every night and how long you pay sleep debt during nighttime or daytime. Aside from spending a night with a sleep specialist to evaluate your sleep, sleep tech through sleep trackers can help you assess your sleep. Sleep trackers measure basic sleep information that includes the total time you spend asleep and how often you wake up at night.

sleep tech - withings 241x300 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Withings Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

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sleep tech - Withings Sleep 263x300 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Withings Sleep – Sleep Tracking Pad

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Sleep Tech – Bose Sleepbuds

sleep tech - bose 300x300 - Sleep Tech – Curating the Best Sleep Tech in 2019

Bose Sleepbuds

Bose noise-masking sleepbuds give you 20 pre-loaded tracks from Bose Sleep app. The sounds are designed to mask sounds that distract sleep while some are designed as an aid for relaxation.  Makers use engineered soothing sounds to cover unwanted noise such as snores and noisy neighbors so they won’t distract you during bedtime. These sleepbuds are tiny and stay comfortably on your ears all night. Bose sleepbuds works exclusively with the Bose Sleep app by selecting sounds from the library, controlling the volume, and setting an alarm on how long you want to play the sounds. Its case is compact and convenient that keeps the sleepbuds safe wherever you place them.

Sleep Tech – A Sleep Solution

With today’s fast-paced society where people need to work not only during the daytime but also at nighttime, many sleep is affected and known side effects should be given proper attention. Getting the recommended hours of sleep by age is vital to make sure that you are mentally and physically healthy. The noisy environment in rural areas is also a factor of not getting a night of good sleep. With a lot of help we find may it be through natural solutions or over the counter sleeping pills, or checking every sleep tips we can find, sleep aid through sleep tech could also be a perfect solution to your sleep problems. A good sleep gives you better health, a better quality of life.