Sleep tracker – Wearable sleep tracker device that tracks your sleep

Sleep tracker – can help assess your long-term sleep patterns

Getting a refreshing night’s sleep is sometimes hard to achieve especially if you are suffering from a sleep disorder. You can possibly get sleep disorders because of stress, anxiety, depression and more, it affects your health. A few individuals tried to drink milk before sleep or do some things in a natural way but it wasn’t effective. They opt to wearable sleep tracker device that’s proven safe and effective to adults.

There are top sleep monitor or tracker that can measure the quality and quantity of your sleep. Plenty of different ways to track your sleep, it can be through the bedside monitor, a wrist-worn that’s wearable like a smartwatch or might be a device that can fit your mattress. Here are some picks that can improve your sleeping time.

Things to consider before buying a wearable sleep tracker device

You must know what you want for a sleep tracker or sleep monitor because the technology involved was more advanced that a smartphone app.

You must know the different types of sleep trackers. Old fitness trackers use wrist movement to track sleep but now they monitor the heart rate. Fitbit and Withings company are looking for your bpm during the sleeping time to make assumptions about the duration and sleep stage that you’re in.

You must check the wearable or companion app in the morning then you’ll be able to see how many times you are awake and shows you the total awake time you’re totted up to.

You must understand the sleep reports because it can help you build a profile of your nights. The reports usually give you feedback about the sleep you need in a day or night and more.

sleep tracker sleep tracker - sleep tracker 1 - Sleep tracker – Wearable sleep tracker device that tracks your sleep

Here is the list of the best wearable sleep tracker in the marketplace.

Sleep tracker – Fitbit Inspire HR

If you are finding for a sleep tracker that you can wear on your wrist, Fitbit is recommended for you. It has two versions of Inspire for you to choose from. HR is a little bit pricy; it helps unlock Fitbit Sleep Stages that will give you a more in-depth look at your snooze. The monitor is used to track whether you’re in light, deep or in REM sleep. Also, individuals can compare the results with other people of a similar demographic and the average of your night’s sleep last month. It gives you personalized feedback to have better sleep.

Sleep tracker – Fitbit Versa

This sleep tracker is the best smartwatch. It’s light to put on your wrist as it measures 38g only. Fitbit Versa uses a similar sleep tracking tech like the rest of the Fitbit line. The Fitbit Sleep Stages are on board which means you can look at your light, deep, REM and wake times every day. Also, you can check in on how your night compares to last month and other people at your age. It is built with the tri-wavelength sensor onboard which makes relative SpO2 tracking or sleep apnea detection that must be present to some sleep tracker or sleep monitor in the future.

Sleep tracker – Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch can’t track sleep but it makes the cut because it has a sheer breadth of third-party apps that help you track sleep. The Apple Watch sleep tracker apps will provide little different experiences and results but have the same sensors in which you can see your night’s sleep. When talking about accuracy, it’s not as good as Fitbit’s and you need to charge the smartwatch in the day you will use it so that it will at night. However, it can still track your sleep. You can wear this comfortable smartwatch in bed.

Sleep tracker – Withings Steel HR sport

This is the first watch from Withings brand that can track sleep. It provides awake, light and deep sleep times and gives you a look at your heart rate through the night. It has a slim physique that is more comfortable to wear when sleeping. Also, it has an alarm in which you’ll be awake for the gentle vibration on your wrist. The accuracy isn’t perfect but the data is easy to digest, it usually provides the basic results of your sleep at night.

Sleep tracker – automatically record your sleep

For those who have a sleep disorder, sleep tracker would be best for you as it tracks your sleep at night. You’ll know the results of your sleep by simply wearing it on your wrist, that’s definitely convenient and comfortable for you. For sure, you’ll be excited to look for the results in the morning and learn from the personalized feedback from these sleep trackers.