Sheets Sleeper Cover – Ultra-soft weighted sheets cover made to perfectly for your bed

What are the benefits of having a weighted sheet

Having a great night of sleep is an absolute dream come true. We all hope to have a great night of sleep every time we lay on our beds to call it a day. Sheets sleeper cover would be a fantastic help in putting you to a great night of sleep. As we go from our day to day life, there comes a time when we have difficulty sleeping. This is where the sleep therapy comes into the picture.

The use of sleep therapy is an aid that will help you fall asleep better (as mentioned in Sheets sleeper cover review). There are tons of different sleep therapy that you could use starting from aromatherapy which is truly helpful especially with the lavender scent as it helps you to be calm and puts you in a relaxed state. Some people use a white noise machine that plays white noise or nature sounds that will help them to be calm as well. What happens to be very effective is the use of a weighted blanket.

According to a Bearaby Sheets sleeper cover review, this weighted sheet cover has helped people have a better sleep at night while protecting their purchase of the Bearaby’s sleeper which is an effective blanket in putting them to sleep at night.

Here are the benefits of having a weighted blanket according to the Good HouseKeeping:

They have a calming effect
“Deep touch pressure is one of the primary kinds of sensory information that is calming and organizing to our sensory nervous system,” says Teresa May-Benson, occupational therapist and executive director of the Spiral Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to research and education on sensory integration. She says the pressure of weighted blankets like Sheets sleeper cover and deep touch pressure, in general, is a pretty universally calming sensation.

They feel like a hug!
Weighted blankets make it feel like someone’s holding you without having to actually be near anyone as mentioned in a Sheets sleeper cover review. “This blanket feels like you’re receiving the most comforting hug without feeling constrained and hot,” one Amazon reviewer wrote about the weighted blanket.

They can ease stress and anxiety
If you had a long day at work or you’re just feeling anxious in general, then cuddling up on the couch with a weighted blanket (while watching Netflix!) can help you relax and de-stress according to a Bearaby Sheets sleeper cover review. Even if you don’t have an anxiety disorder, occupational therapists say you’ll probably still notice that you feel good under a weighted blanket.

FYI: You might be wondering if weighted blankets like the Sheets sleeper cover are safe. “When used the way they’re supposed to, [weighted blankets] are very safe,” says May-Benson. The Good Housekeeping Institute’s experts say they shouldn’t be used by anyone who can’t move freely under the weight — the general rule of thumb is to go for 10% of your body weight, so someone who weighs 150 pounds should get a 15-pound weighted blanket.

They can help improve sleep quality
People who have trouble falling (or staying!) asleep at night often find that using weighted blankets helps improve their sleep. Our top pick would be the Bearaby’s sleeper. It is best matched with a Sheets sleeper cover so that you could keep it protected to keep it in a pristine condition as long as possible while still being able to enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket

Lexie Sachs, Director of the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute, agrees, saying she uses hers to sleep better at night. “With a weighted blanket, I notice that I sleep more deeply and don’t wake up in the middle of the night as often,” says Sachs. This has also been mentioned in a Bearaby Sheets sleeper cover review.

How to pick the perfect weighted sheet

Sheet Sleeper Cover
Picking the perfect weighted sheet might be really difficult especially if you are just starting out with the weighted business. The Sheets sleeper cover is a great help in covering your weighted blanket to keep it protected from any stains making it in a pristine condition much longer compared to the times you are not.

According to a Sheets sleeper cover review, this set also includes 2 matching pillowcases so that it could match your bed perfectly. To help you out, here are the buying guides to the perfect sheets according to the Good HouseKeeping:

1. Read the fiber content first.
100% cotton is always an excellent go-to because it’s soft and affordable. If you’re looking for premium, Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton, like Egyptian or Pima, is even softer and more durable. The downside is these sheets may be more expensive and you’ll have to trust the company’s word; there have been instances of cotton being mislabeled as Egyptian. You can also opt for cotton/polyester blends. Though the fabric may have a somewhat synthetic feel, the polyester makes it inexpensive, more durable, and less prone to wrinkling. As said in a Bearaby Sheets sleeper cover review, these covers are made with 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL. Tencel is known for its cooling properties helping with the airflow so it would not trap heat.

2. Thread count isn’t everything.
Manufacturing techniques can allow brands to make high thread counts without actually increasing quality. Our tests have shown that 300 to 500 is a sweet spot for softness and strength like with the Sheets sleeper cover. You can find good 200-thread-count sheets, but they may not be as comfy, and anything over 500 isn’t necessarily better.

3. Know the difference between weaves.
Your primary options are percale or sateen. Percale is a basic, grid-like weave that feels light and crisp. Sateen is a satin weave and feels silky smooth. It’s a matter of personal preference, though, in our tests, consumers tend to favor sateen as mentioned in a Sheets sleeper cover review.

4. Don’t assume it’ll fit your mattress.
Standard sizes, like queen or king, don’t account for mattress depth. So if yours is tall or if you use a mattress topper, make sure to measure before you buy. You should also account for some shrinkage after laundering. Generally, fitted sheets that fit up to 15-inch mattresses have performed well in our fit tests. The Sheets sleeper cover fits perfectly with your sleeper weighted blanket.

5. Always check the return policy.
It’s not easy knowing whether you’ll love sleeping on the sheets until you’ve tried them out. Some brands, especially those that have internet-only sales, allow you to make returns for any reason, even up to a few months after the purchase. As mentioned in a Sheets sleeper cover review, they allow you a 30-day peace of mind that enables you to freely return your cover if you are not completely happy with it.

Sheets sleeper cover: The best-weighted sheet for you

Now that you have purchased the best-weighted blanket for you, we think that it is a smart move to keep them protected, right?  The Sheets sleeper cover would be a great investment for your weighted blanket.

As mentioned in a Sheets sleeper cover review, this sleeper cover is designed to protect your mattress keeping in its best condition as long as possible. It also includes a matching 2 pillowcase so that it can match the look of your bed, making it more pleasing to the eyes.

According to a Bearaby Sheets sleeper cover review, this cover is made from 50% Organic Cotton and 50% TENCEL which is known for its cooling properties that allow you to sleep cooler and better at night. Of course, we want to sleep in a cool environment and that is why the Sheets sleeper cover is here to help you out with that case. The ultra-cooling feature of TENCEL makes it perfect for hot sleepers who are extremely worried about the heat of a weighted blanket offers to make them sweat through the night. With this cover, you will be sure that you will be sleeping in a cool night without having to worry about a thing.

As said in a Sheets sleeper cover review, this cover is soft, cozy, and easy to clean allowing you to have a great night of sleep as you have always wanted to have. This also includes handy corner ties that allows you to attach your sleeper and keep it from shifting around which always happens with an ordinary cover. What we love about this is that this also includes 2 matching pillowcases so you would not have to worry about looking for matching pillowcases to please your needs. It comes with two amazing colors of grey and white which will fit perfectly in any bedroom design.

If you are looking for the best cover for your sleeper from Bearaby, you could never go wrong with the Sheets sleeper cover as it is designed especially for it! You will be having a protected weighted blanket plus you will be able to sleep cool as this has a cooling property that does not allow you to sleep, soaking in sweat! Hurry and grab yours now!