Sleep & Beyond myPad – Eco-friendly mattress pad for all four seasons

Sleep & Beyond myPad can completely protect your mattress

Many people nowadays are choosing organic products for health’s sake. The quality of sleep is one of the things that they want to improve. Organic mattress pad or topper is what they are looking for. Let us know what is it and why it’s popular these days. An organic mattress pad or topper like Sleep & Beyond myPad can be removed and it has a supportive layer in its cushion. They usually put it on the top of the mattress to provide extra support as well as comfort plus it’s made of organic materials.

Aside from it is providing a comfortable sleep experience, the mattress pad is durable and eco-friendly. The demand for organic mattress pads and toppers is rising and it becomes a must-have bedding product for those who want to go green or maybe want to improve their sleep quality. You will not regret if you will invest in Sleep & Beyond myPad. This mattress pad is anti-toxic and free from chemicals and some ecological materials that can keep away bacteria, dust, best bugs so also moisture. Organic mattress pads and toppers are designed to let you sleep peacefully with no worries about the flaws of the mattress.

Types of Materials that are used in making Organic Mattress Pads and Toppers

Made of Organic Cotton – If the mattress pads and toppers are made with organic cotton, they are soft and easy to wash or clean. It provides a delicate softness that can beat the stiffness of its mattress. The price tag will surprise you but it’s worth paying.

Made of Pure Wool – Mattress pads like Sleep & Beyond myPad are made of pure wool. It is durable and eco-friendly. It is known for being excellent and healthy for our environment that can help improve sleep. Also, it is good for those who have allergies and harmless.

Made of Natural Latex – If the mattress pads are made of natural latex, they are made of natural materials which is the reason why it’s a little expensive than other mattress pads available on the market. However, it’s worth the pay because this mattress pad is durable and provides comfort to you.

Made of Waterproof Fabric – Many sleepers this type of material because it is with environmental features. It is 100% waterproof and breathable as well. Also, it is thin compared to other types of materials.

Sleep & Beyond MyMerino Mattress Topper

Reasons why you should choose Sleep & Beyond myPad

They are sustainable – Most manufacturers of mattress pads and toppers make sure that their products are sustainable or ecological. It means these mattress pads are safe to use and has many health benefits.

They are non-toxic – Organic mattress pads made of natural materials. They are not using harmful chemicals. Also, mattress pads and toppers are known as toxic-free and it’s healthy.

They are eco-friendly – The manufacturers are using ecological and natural components inside and out of the mattress pads and toppers. Because of that, these mattress pads are eco-friendly since they have ecological features.

They are hypoallergenic – A few types of organic mattress pads and toppers are specifically designed to allergy sufferers just like Sleep & Beyond myPad. It helps them control instead to trigger them or make it worst.

They are more breathable – Other types of organic pads and toppers are more breathable compared to others but it sometimes depends on the materials. In general, organic pads and toppers are more breathable compared to the standard one.

What are the purpose and functions of Organic Mattress Pads?

Lengthen the mattress life – If you are planning of buying a new mattress and you want it to use for a longer time, better get a mattress pad because it can protect your mattress and health too. Sleep & Beyond myPad can help lengthen the life of your mattress which means you don’t need to always buy a new mattress every year.

Additional comfort – It’s not easy to find a 100% comfortable mattress and a few individuals are failing on it. If it happens that you find one, an extra comfort that a mattress pad is offering is the best addition nonetheless the state of the mattress.

Prevent unpleasant odor – Those individuals who have a sensitive sense of smell cannot stand on the odor that is coming from the mattress, it may wake them up. Organic pads can prevent unpleasant odor because it does not contain chemicals.

Keep away the moisture – Organic mattress pads that are waterproof did a great job because it can help prevent the moisture that may go inside your mattress. Worry no more if your child spills beverage like water or juice on your mattress, it won’t go inside of the mattress.

Germ-free – The organic mattress pads are designed in order to protect your mattress from the microbes due to the antimicrobial properties. Your mattress will be germ-free and hygienic.

Add style to your bed – Most organic mattress pads and toppers have many sizes, colors, and designs for you to choose from. It always adds style to your bed.

Help improve sleep quality – Organic mattress pads and toppers make sure that the natural environment provides the high-class sleep experience each night. No worries about the stiffness, odor, or some unhealthy materials of its mattress. As mentioned in Sleep & Beyond myPad review, this mattress can help improve your sleep.

What are the things that you must look for in an Organic Mattress Pads?

The Fabric – The organic mattress pad and toppers will be good if its components are the best. You should pay attention to its primary materials since they come in different characteristics though they still unite in its green nature.

The Size and Fitting – It is essential that the size of your pad or topper must fit properly to your mattress as well as the bed.

The color and styling – Organic mattress pads and toppers usually come in different colors so also its designs. It’s better if you take time in choosing the best one, it can also be based on your preference. You can see many organic mattress pads in the market today. Of course, the aesthetic does matter just like the materials used.

The breathability – You should not overlook the breathable pad or topper because it’s an important factor in choosing the best organic mattress pad on the market. Also, it’s one of the factors that gives you an assurance that you can get a good sleep quality. Give time in reading some reviews and try to judge some of the organic mattress pads available on the marketplace.

Hypoallergenic – Most of the organic mattress pads and toppers are hypoallergenic because their materials are eco-friendly. It can help prevent allergic reactions. This kind of mattress pad is highly recommended to allergy sufferers.

Waterproof – Look for organic mattress pads that are waterproof. It can help protect your mattress from moisture. So, invest in waterproof mattress pads if you want to lengthen the life of your mattress. Sleep & Beyond myPad has a waterproof feature.

The Certifications – Even if Organic mattress pads are made of organic materials, certifications are important because it’s proven that it passed the test or meet the strict green regulations. It is advisable that you do research and looks for pads that have eco-related certifications.

The Warranty – Not all branded company offers a warranty on their products. In general, the warranty of the organic mattress pads can possibly last for a long time.

The Price – Organic products are known for being pricey because it’s made of high-quality materials. Cheap mattress pads that cost $100 or less are still existing though few only. Also, its price may depend on the size. If the bed size is big, it is expected that it’s costly.

Washing care – Not all types of mattresses are washable so better check its details first before buying one. It usually depends on its outer materials, better ask or call the customer service. Sleep & Beyond myPad is machine washable, so easy to maintain.

Sleep & Beyond myPad can extend the life of your mattress

We all want our mattress to use for long years if possible. It will happen according to the review of Sleep & Beyond myPad. You will know its great features that a mattress pad should have but not all pads are providing these features. Sleep & Beyond make sure that they provided the best mattress pads to their customers. This mattress pad is 0.5 inches thick and filled with 100% washable wool. Aside from that, it is encased in 100% natural cotton percale that has 270 thread count. The packaging is reusable and it is eco-friendly. You can wash it using the machine, easy to clean it. Lastly, Sleep & Beyond myPad has a five-year warranty. Whenever it has a long warranty, this mattress pad is durable. Many have been using this mattress pad, all of them are happy and satisfied upon using it. This mattress pad truly protects their mattress from moisture. Investing a mattress pad is a great saving because it can lengthen the mattress’s life. So, get this mattress from Sleep & Beyond. It’s worth the pay!