Sleep Environment: Tips for Creating a Perfect One

Sleep environment have in recent studies shown to be quite vital in ensuring one gets a goodnight slumber.

There as a growing awareness in shifting the focus from just popping a pill to paying more attention to sleeping environment and hygiene to achieve the desired result. There is definitely no argument when it comes to the importance of sleep, read more about it  here, the concern though is on the methods and strategies  that one can make use of.

Sleep and Health

About 20 percent of the United States alone have sleeping disorders, some are diagnosed but many not are not. Top three of world’s fatal illnesses (heart problem, diabetes and high blood pressure) are associated with lack or insufficient sleep. The data shows the impact of not getting enough sleep not just to our bodies, but to our daily life as well. Hence, the need to take a closer look at sleep environment.

Factors to Consider in Your Sleep Environment 

setting up your sleep environment

Setting up the right sleeping environment gets a lot of varying reactions. Other wonder on why it is a big deal, while others are apprehensive on how it can be achieved. As to the first reaction, oh well they will soon find out why, as to how it can be done without the added stress then the following tips may help.

For starters it is important to know what areas in you sleep environment you need to look into. Areas or variables to consider would be:

  • Noise – let us face it some people are ultra-sensitive to sound and the continuous water dripping sound the bathroom faucet is making is not going to help your cause. This being the case, make sure that you check all the leaks and all other possible source of disturbances. Now for those who have bat ears or maybe lives in an area abounding in noise, it would be good to know that you do not have to suffer in silence.

Sleep environment TIP #1:

Sleep environment tip 1

There are actually products that can help you achieve the much-needed peace and quiet. One such product is the Bose QuietComfort35 noise cancelling gadget, read more about it here.

  • Temperature – a good sleep environment would need to have just the right temperature. According to most researches a room temperature of above 75 degrees Fahrenheit is good, while below 54 degrees will likely disrupt sleep. Take note that it says most researches and that is because there is no conclusive data on the most ideal temperature for sleep. 

Sleep environment TIP #2: 

Sleep environment tip 2

Be mindful of this factor and find just the right temperature to help you sleep better at night.

  • Lighting – It is believed that much of are waking and sleeping patterns are affected by light. There seem to be an automatic mechanism in our body that tells it to be sleepy ones the lights start to dim. This fact has much to do with our circadian rhythms.  Taking note from it, it is believed that bright lights stimulates wakefulness and dim one’s lethargy. In other words, avoid bright lights in your sleep environment, especially an hour before you are scheduled to tuck in for the night.  

TIP #3: A popular product in the market that may just help is the Sleepace Nox Smart Sleep Light (Sleepace NOX Smart Sleep Light | Gray), read on it here.

girl sleeping on the bed
  • Actual sleeping space – Your sleep environment is your kingdom after lights off so treat it with much care and reverence. Take away the clutter that will surely have adverse psychological effects on you. Keep it clean, nice smelling and orderly and it will do wonders to improve your disposition. 

TIP #4:As much as possible do not bring your work in your sleep environment. People are creatures of habit, so train yourself to think and believe that where you sleep is a place you can relax and not be worried about work and stuff.

  • The bed – if the sleep environment is your kingdom, then the bed is definitely the crown. Choose a bed that you can relax and be comfortable in through the night. If you can invest on a car or other like items, then surely the place where you recharge your body is also worth it.

TIP #5: A sound and practical investment on this would be the Eight smart mattress, which you can read more about here.

Sleep Environment is very important to get quality sleep every night

Sleep is a must and its importance to your well-being immeasurable. Do not take things for granted and the best way to start it of is by securing your sleep environment. 

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