Sleep Guide for Teens: Easy Sleep Tips to Follow

Sleep guide for teens – sleep disorders are serious

Sleep guide for teens may come off as unnecessary to many but the reality is that it is an actual necessity. Many seem to have the impression that sleep disorders like apnea and insomnia are concerns exclusive to adults. On the contrary, several studies show that a significant number of teenagers are also suffering from these problems. 

Sleep guide for teens – How many hours is considered sufficient for sleep?

The belief that most hold as true is that people should ideally get 8 hours of sleep. This, however, is not at all accurate and definitely an answer which is far from true to everyone. The length of sleep one needs actually depends on one’s age. 

Sleep Guide for Teens  # 1: How many hours is really needed?

Sleep Guide for Teens # 1: How many hours is really needed?
Age Hours of Sleep Needed
Babies to 3 years old12-14 hours
4-6 years old 11-13 hours
7-12 years old 10-11 hours
TeenagersAt least 9 hours
18 to adult8 hours

Notice that the eight hours sleeping time most parents prescribe to as enough is actually only applicable to the adults. Data show that the average teenager gets only about 7 hours of sleep, a far cry from the minimum of 9 hours they are supposed to get.

Sleep Guide for Teens #2: Why do they need that much time for sleep?

Teenagers approximately need 9 and ½ hours of sleep daily. This is the reason why normal teenagers sleep a lot ( this is perfectly fine parents). The reason why our teens need this much sleep is due to the fact that at this stage both their bodies and brains are developing and growing. Other than they are developing and growing fast at this age, it may be noted that teens also have a lot of things on their plate, as the school works and other like activities, hence the need to regularly recharge.

Sleep Guide for Teens # 3: What happens if they do not get enough snooze during this stage?

Like any other person suffering from a sleep disorder or problem, not getting snooze hours is bound to affect the person. In the case of teenagers, failure to get enough sleep may lead to chronic sleep deprivation which may graduate into a full blast disorder. People suffering from chronic sleep deprivation tend to manifest both physical and mental instability.  Teenagers who have this condition may become anxious, depress and even develop low self- esteem. 

Sleep Guide for Teens  #4: What are tips to remember?

  1. Avoid having a television in the bedroom, this is just too much distraction at times. 
  2. Turn off electronic devices like laptops and cellular phones at least 30 minutes before going to bed. 
  3. Have a sleep-friendly bedroom.
  4. Avoid drinking or eating stimulant at least an hour before going to bed. 
  5. Let them have regular exercise.
  6. Set a schedule for sleeping and waking.
  7. Eat healthily and intake supplements or sleep aids.
  8. Do something relaxing an hour before sleeping time.
  9. Be a good model to your teens by also sleeping early.

Sleep guide for teens –

Sleep guide for teens can be very helpful in establishing a routine. Make a plan and try to be faithful to it. Sleep is very important, especially to our growing teens, so let at us make sure they get the most of it and the benefits they bring.