5 Steps to Get a Better Sleep

Sleep is essential

Everyone sleeps. We bet you can’t name a single person who literally does not sleep every night. There might be a lot of people who have difficulty sleeping at night but it is impossible for someone not to do it for the whole 24 hours (unless badly needed by work e.g. medical staff). Everyone needs to be well-rested after each day for it to recover and start as strong and mighty for the next day. As much as we want to have a night of great sleep, it may seem to be impossible especially if you are especially stressed during those times. Most of the time, our enemies with having a well-rested night are stress. And stress may be a little difficult to combat.

Everyone feels stressed. That is normal. Our life is not perfect so there will come a day when a problem will come along our way and all we need to do is to handle them as gracefully as we could so the damage will not be worse but instead would be better. As these problems have been overcome, a well-rested night is along the way. But this doesn’t mean that you need to solve your problems first before sleeping soundly. We aim to help you have a better quality of good night’s rest even when you are at the peak of your stress level.

Sleep is needed

Everyone needs sleep. Itis needed for the body for it to function properly. When you is in shut down mode, your body regenerates brand new cells for your body, so the phase is true about “you are not who you were yesterday” and we mean that literally and physically. Your cells are all brand new which you need to function all properly and well. Along with that here are the other benefits of having a great sleep according to dreams:

  • It may Help Prevent Cancer
  • It reduces Stress
  • It reduces Inflammation
  • It makes You More Alert.
  • It Improves Your Memory
  • It may Help You Lose Weight
  • Napping Makes You Smarter
  • It may Reduce Your Risk of Depression

and along with other things. Here are our tips on how you can have a better sleep at night:

1. Worry and brainstorm tomorrow

Sleep - Lady thinking to much on her bed

Yes, something big is about to come up and you cannot stop yourself from thinking about it way too much. Here’s a thought for you, you have all day to think. All your body needs from you is a full hour of sleep and it will function well for you. Also, your body and mind work better if you are well-rested. Not only that you get to have a full night’s rest, but you are also helping your brain to think clearly and make better decisions. If the situation is ideas keep on coming on your mind, we suggest you write them down on a paper so that the ideas will stay even after you wake.

2. The bed is for sleeping

Sleep - Lady working on her bed

The bed is for sleeping. It is not for lying down when you are watching your favorite late-night shows or for eating your favorite snack or even doing work. Your bed is made for sleeping and should be relaxing. Do not bring stress into your bed as you will unconsciously incorporate the stress you are always feeling with your bed and not be able to separate the two. It is best practice to isolate your bed for sleeping and do your work to your desk and not to your bed.

3. Create a body clock

Sleep - alarm clock

You should be setting your body when it should sleep or wake and not the other way around. Practice and try to go to your bed at certain hours and try to wake up at consistent hours for a whole month. You can try to hit the hay at 10 PM and set your alarm at 6 AM for a whole month and your body should be able to adjust by then. You will never know that you’ll be feeling sleepy and looking at the clock, it says 10 o’clock and you’ll know that your body clock has adjusted to your set sleep patterns and you’ll be falling asleep soundly every night.

4. Tone down the blue lights

Sleep - Man using phone on bed

What are the blue lights? The blue lights are the light coming from any screen. These are not natural lights that come from the sun so it is not healthy for the eyes. It is recommended to reduce your view with blue lights at least an hour before your bedtime. It means no to use your cellphone, laptops, computers, or even watching the TV right before you hit the hay. Your digital clock might also give you the effect so if you have difficulty with sleeping at night, better switch from a digital clock to an analog one and you’ll never know that might be the only solution to your problems

5. Naps or walk

Sleep - lady naping on computer table

Studies have shown that having an afternoon nap makes you smarter and is a great energy booster especially if you are feeling exhausted during the afternoon. But an ultimate power nap should only last for 20 minutes or less to be truly effective or else, you are just taking a nap that will not make you productive but be sleepier all day. But if you cannot take a 20-minute nap, you can take a walk, make yourself be more alive, or maybe have a phone call with your friend or order an ice-cold beverage to wake you up so you will have a longer and better sleep at night.

Sleep makes you a better person

When you lack a proper amount of rest, there is a tendency that you will be waking up all annoyed and grumpy and no one likes that. When you are deprived of your sleep, you will not only be having a worse mood but also will not be reliable with decision making. Your brain does not function well if you are not well-rested that is why you need a proper amount of rest if you have a big day tomorrow so you could function and think properly since you will most probably be distracted about your body lacking enough rest. If these do not help, you may refer to our sleep guide for more elaborate choices and instructions on how you can have a well-rested evening.