Insomnia – What is Insomnia? Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Insomnia – Know More about Insomnia

There are many causes of insomnia and researches said that 30% – 40% of Americans are suffering from insomnia every year. Insomnia is commonly known as a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. The symptoms are easily detected which includes waking up during the night and experiencing trouble in going back to sleep, waking up very early in the morning, and waking up tired. It was also found that some causes of insomnia include psychological factors, medications, and hormone levels. However, insomnia can be treated through medical or behavioral.  It is important to know the symptoms of insomnia and talk to your doctor in case you are experiencing these sleep problems so you can get the necessary medical advice from your doctor’s personal evaluation on you. Sleep is very important to people and not getting enough of it may cause accidents and other problems affecting a good life.

Insomnia – Effects of Lack of Sleep

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Before going through to the causes, symptoms, and treatments of insomnia, you will know the effects of lack of sleep and these will help you to strive to get a better one to achieve a good quality of life. Take a look at this.

  1. Lack of sleep is one cause of the many accidents happening in the street, at the workplace or at home.
  2. Sleep loss makes you dumb.
  3. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and stroke.
  4. Lack of sleep kills your sex drive.
  5. Sleep loss can cause depression.
  6. Lack of sleep makes you look older than your age.
  7. Sleep loss results in memory loss.
  8. Losing sleep puts you away from your ideal weight.
  9. Lack of sleep contributes to the increase in death rates.
  10. Sleep loss impairs your judgment.

Insomnia – Three Types To Know

In learning deeper the details about insomnia, one good thing to know are the types people can get. Take a look at this and learn more the three commonly known type of this sleep disorder:

  1. Transient Insomnia. A type of insomnia in which symptoms happen for three nights.
  2. Acute Insomnia. Also called as short-term insomnia where symptoms happen for several weeks.
  3. Chronic Insomnia. It is diagnosed when symptoms happen for three months and sometimes, years. According to the National Institutes of Health, this happens as a result of another primary problem.

Insomnia may have different sources and those are called the Primary Insomnia and the Secondary Insomnia. Primary insomnia means a sleep problem where source is not directly from other health problem, while secondary insomnia refers to a person with sleep problems because of a particular health condition, medication, or any substance such as alcohol.

Insomnia – Causes of Acute and Chronic Insomnia

Identifying the causes may also be based on the types a person is experiencing. Acute and chronic insomnia have different causes. You will learn what are the causes through the following conditions:

  1. Life stress brought about by job loss or changed of job, loss of someone, divorce, or moving from one place to another.
  2. Illnesses
  3. Emotional and physical discomfort.
  4. Environmental causes such as noise, light, or the coldness or the hotness of the temperature.
  5. Medications such as treatment to colds, allergies, depression, high blood pressure, and asthma.
  6. Interferences from a regular sleep schedule.
  7. Other factors such as sleeping with a snoring partner, parasites, genetic conditions, overactive mind, and pregnancy.

However, chronic insomnia has more serious causes and they include depression and anxiety, chronic stress, and pain or discomfort at night.

In addition, as it was found out that medications are one of the causes of insomnia, you may wonder what these medications are and if there is a chance that you were able to take or taking that medication causing you to experience this sleep disorder. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, here are the medications that can cause insomnia:

  • Corticosteroids
  • Statins
  • Alpha-Blockers
  • Beta-Blockers
  • SSRI Antidepressants
  • ACE Inhibitors
  • ARBs (angiotensin II-receptor blockers)
  • Cholinesterase inhibitors
  • Second generations (non-sedating) H1 agonists
  • Glucosamine / Chondroitin
Insomnia – Symptoms

Insomnia can be a symptom of any other medical conditions. While it is considered a sign of an illness, the following conditions are signs that you should know:

  • Having difficulties in sleeping at night.
  • Waking up during a night of sleep.
  • Waking earlier than the time you planned to wake up.
  • Feeling tired after a whole night sleep.
  • Irritability, anxiety, and depression.
  • Poor concentration and focus at work or any places and time.
  • Getting uncoordinated with increased errors or accidents on the days’ tasks
  • Experiencing tension headaches.
  • Difficulties in socializations.
  • Having gastrointestinal problems.
  • Worrying about how to get asleep.

Talking to your doctor for personal assessment and early detection of insomnia is always important. Cases like insomnia might be thought to have easy solutions but some people are seriously suffering this condition because it is left unattended and no early treatment has been done. Learning the symptoms, causes and even the types of insomnia is important for you to check yourself first if you are having such conditions. If you do notice symptoms of insomnia, immediately talk to your doctor for personal evaluation that may include a physical exam, medical history, and sleep history. If you think you have insomnia, as early as now, you can keep a sleep diary for two weeks, track of your sleep patterns and your feeling for the whole day. Through these records and personal evaluation, the doctor can diagnose insomnia and the type that you have been experiencing.

Insomnia – Treatment

Generally, good sleep hygiene, avoiding any electronics or gadgets at night, and a sleep pattern can help treat insomnia. Some insomnia is resolved when the underlying cause has been treated. Insomnia can definitely be treated after knowing the main cause of it that is why talking to your doctor is really important. Never take these conditions for granted. In addition, medical and pharmacological are good therapies. Some medical treatment includes prescription sleeping pills, antidepressants, online and over the counter natural sleep aids, antihistamines, ramelteon, and melatonin that can be bought online.

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Wild Thera Sleep Aid and Insomnia Relief

This product is a natural sleep remedy with essential oils and valerian that can be used with melatonin and other sleep aids. It is a concentrated non-GMO herbal balm with aromatherapy benefits. It has no harmful preservatives, no parabens, no sulfates, no artificial colors, and no artificial fragrances. Enjoy the cool, soothing, and calming effects of Thera Sleep Aid with healthy and natural oils, essential oils and herbs while making you feel relaxed. It is great to combine with natural herbs such as chamomile tea, as well as other sleep aids, nasal strips, and sleeping pills. This product is made in the USA and not tested on animals.

There are home remedies that can treat insomnia and help a person to get a good night sleep. Everyone can try these solutions and help their poor quality sleep improve.

  • Sleep hygiene can help. You can do this by not sleeping too much or too little, doing a regular exercise, not forcing yourself to sleep, practicing a regular sleep schedule, avoiding drinks and foods with caffeine at night, avoiding smoking and getting to bed hungry, and making sure to have a comfortable and peaceful sleep environment.
  • Meditation and muscle relaxation are some relaxation techniques that help provide sound sleep.
  • Go to bed when you are sleepy. Do not watch television before bedtime. Avoid eating and worrying in bed. Setting an alarm to wake up the same time in the morning is also helpful. This is called stimulus control therapy.
  • Taking natural sleep herbs and teas can augment sleep quality. Putting up a diffuser with essential oils in your bedroom can also give you a healthy sleeping environment.

Insomnia – The Benefits of a Sound Sleep

There is nothing more that can give a quality of life than having a sound and peaceful night of sleep. Here are 10 best benefits of sleep to enjoy:

  1. Having a good and quality sleep help you reduce stress.
  2. Good sleep can improve your memory.
  3. Sleep can help lower your blood pressure.
  4. Good and quality of sleep can help you fight infection.
  5. Good sleep can help you maintain your ideal weight.
  6. Sleep brings you to a better mood.
  7. Sleep helps reduce the chances of diabetes.
  8. Good and quality of sleep can be a painkiller.
  9. A good and quality sleep makes your heart healthier.
  10. Sleep can definitely make you smarter.

Getting solutions to cure insomnia on its primary symptoms is necessary so it won’t get worse and affect your health. Never forget to talk to your doctor before taking any medications. Enjoy your every day from a peaceful and sound sleep!