Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

Melatonin – What is melatonin and How Does It Work?

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It is a pea-sized gland found just above the middle of the brain and primarily released by the pineal gland. It helps your body know when it’s time to sleep and wake up.

Melatonin supplement is often used for the short-term treatment of trouble sleeping. You can buy melatonin supplements in pills, liquids, and chewable. It also comes in synthetic and natural that is coming from the pineal glands of the animal.

Melatonin – Causes and Symptoms of Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorders, in many cases, is a result of an underlying problem. Allergies and respiratory problems, nocturia or frequent urination, chronic pain, stress, and anxiety are some of the reasons why individual experiences sleep disorders. Symptoms of sleep disorder differ on its severity and type while the general symptoms are as follows:

  • difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • daytime fatigue
  • strong urge to take naps during the day
  • irritability or anxiety
  • lack of concentration
  • depression

However, natural solutions for both kids and babies are important to consider if you are experiencing sleep disorders. Lifestyle change can improve a good sleep and advised to be done along with medical treatments. Healthy diet more on fish and vegetables and reducing sugar intake, and eating a small number of carbohydrate meals before bedtime are helpful ways. A person with a sleep disorder should also limit his caffeine intake, decrease tobacco and alcohol use. Exercise is a good way to solve sleep disorders since it also reduces stress and anxieties. One should also have a regular sleeping schedule.

Melatonin – Upside of Taking Melatonin Supplements

Taking melatonin supplements is helpful for people with sleep disorders. This also supports eye health, may help treat stomach ulcers and heartburn, a good way to increase growth hormone levels in men, and may help with seasonal depression.

Melatonin – Recommended Products in the Market

Generally, melatonin brings little effects compared to other sleep medicines but taking it could also result in daytime sleepiness, headache, and dizziness. You may also check some of the recommended melatonin products available in the market:

  1. Maximum Strength
melatonin melatonin - mel - Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

This is a natural acting sleep aid. A bottle contains 5mg tablets, 90 tablets per bottle. Maximum Strength is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2. Forte Naturals

melatonin - forte - Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

A top 1 natural sleep alternative product, Forte Naturals Melatonin helps you reach deep REM sleep cycles and wake up refreshed, alert, cognitive and can improve your overall general mood. This is 100% natural and non-habit forming.

3. Natrol Gummies Strawberry

melatonin - gum - Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

One of the most recommended dietary supplement to make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

4. Melatonin Cream Rich

melatonin - cream - Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

Feel the difference in your quality of sleep by taking Melatonin Cream Rich. This product has essential ingredients and safe and good for the skin. Enjoy a relaxing and comfortable sleep. It can also be used with a sleep mask, sleep headphones, sleep pillow and sleeping devices.

5. Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep Chewable Tablet

melatonin - kids 1 - Melatonin – The Benefits of Melatonin in Sleep Disorders

Sleep is important to your kids not just to them but also for the whole family. This chewable tablet is a safe way to promote sleep with no drugs. Help your 3+ kids fall asleep faster on this grape flavored chewable tablet with melatonin.

MelatoninCheck Medical Advice

The effects of sleep disorders are disruptive to people suffering from this problem. They tend to check every sleep solution available in the market for fast relief. Melatonin supplements, for example, are another way to help you. It has its own upsides and downsides. It is always good to check medical advice before taking any medicines, even for sleep disorders.

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