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Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – General sleeping hours of infants and toddlers

A baby spends a lot of sleeping hours in a day during the beginning of his life and it is perfectly normal. One of the reasons why babies, especially newborns sleep at long hours in a day is the adjustment to a new environment as the world welcomes him. Babies are also experiencing a rapid bit of growth resulting in a long sleep their body needs.

Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – Long hours sleep for babies’ proper development

Babies need long hours of sleep for proper development. At this moment of a baby’s life, growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland at a fast rate during the snoozing time. According to the BabyCenter website, a baby needs around 16 to 18 hours of sleep during the first three months of his life. By 12 months, a baby should have around 14 hours of quality sleep.

However, parents usually experience restlessness when it comes to getting their babies to sleep both at daytime or nighttime. Babies are sometimes active that also means a sleepless night for the young fathers and mothers, leading to an inability to think well and feel the tiredness of sleepless nights. Many people advise parents with babies to catch up on their sleeping time when their baby is asleep or taking their naps so natural sleep remedies for babies will be of help.

In addition, parents can also try some of these ideas to get their babies to get a good night sleep:

1. Check your Baby’s Diet

Always check your baby’s diet that may be the cause of his sleeping problems. A breastfeeding mom should also be careful about her own diet. For instance, if a breastfeeding mom consumes a big amount of caffeine, this may be passed to the baby through her breast milk. Always remember the limit. It is also important to ensure that the baby eats enough amount of food at daytime for longer stretches of sleep at night.

2. Try the Aromatherapy and Homeopathic Methods

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, on its website, suggests the benefits of aromatherapy and homeopathic ways of getting your baby to sleep. Parents can make a herbal sleep sachet with lemon balm, rosebuds, loose hops, lavender flowers, and chamomile flowers and put it under the bedsheet when putting the baby on the bed. You can also apply lavender oil on the baby’s crib sheet.

3. Bedtime Routine

Babies’ bedtime routine is always a good suggestion that parents should consider. This could start with a warm bath and a soothing massage to make the baby more relaxed before going to bed. Babies should also be given comfortable wear before singing a lullaby during bedtime.

Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – make your baby more comfortable and relaxed

In addition, you might want some help from these natural sleep remedies for babies if sleeping isn’t coming easily:

Natural sleep remedies for babies – 1. Sweet Dreams Kids

natural sleep remedies for babies  natural sleep remedies for babies Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – Good Ways in Getting a Baby Sleep sweet dreams

Sweet Dreams Kids helps your kids calm down, fall asleep easily and get the deep, sound sleep. When kids get quality sleep, they will be ready again to play, learn, and thrive.

Natural sleep remedies for babies – 2. Little Ones, All-Natural, Magnesium Sleep Serum 
natural sleep remedies for babies Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – Good Ways in Getting a Baby Sleep little one

One of the natural sleep remedies for babies is this serum is all-natural, organic, and certified toxic-free with no artificial fragrances, dyes, detergents, or parabens serum. This is designed for your little ones recommended for ages 9 months and up. It is guaranteed to not itch or burn your little ones sensitive skin.

Natural sleep remedies for babies – 3. TYRY.HU Baltic Amber Teething Necklace 
natural sleep remedies for babies Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – Good Ways in Getting a Baby Sleep tyry

Each organic and all-natural amber teething necklace comes with its own specific certificate detailing that the jewelry is 100% certified from the Baltic region in Lithuania. This genuine natural amber teething necklace is lightly blemished, amber beads in its good luster, size, and consistent color, few blemishes doesn’t affect the overall aesthetics.

Natural Sleep Remedies for Babies – a doctor’s advice is really important

Natural sleep remedies are known to give better help. When it comes to our babies’ health, is always important to check the doctor’s advice, especially on unusual experiences you encounter. Pediatricians can personally evaluate your baby and it’s always best to speak to him if some guidelines and techniques are not becoming effective to your little ones or before trying other ways of getting your babies to a night of quality sleep.