Smart mattress – the top list of smart mattresses

Smart mattress – the world has been by smart technology

The world has been taken over by smart technology. There are smart TVs, phones, fridges, and more. So, here comes the smart mattress. A smart mattress is a new form of technology where the mattress is linked to an app and can be controlled in one way or another. This means that the parameters you consider when choosing a mattress have changed, as this type of tech can ultimately influence some of your preferences. With a smart mattress, it’s possible to pick your firmness, temperature, and even track your sleep patterns.

Smart mattress – features to choose from

You can also choose different temperatures for different parts of the smart bed, which will help you solve some of those couple disputes. Some of these mattresses come with a bed frame that is also technologically advanced, so you can choose the angle you sleep at or the heights of the entire bed easily. Usually, smart mattresses aren’t cheap, because of all the possibilities that they offer.

Below are the common features that come with a smart mattress.

  1. Detailed sleep tracking – some sleep mattresses come with a detailed sleep tracker, where you can download the compatible app and let it track your sleep pattern. A capable smart mattress will accurately tell you if you are getting the rest you need.
  2. Analyze your heart and breathing rate – they allow you to calculate how many hours you actually slept, and how long you spent in REM and deep sleep.
  3. Dual climate zone – Climate control is another compelling ability smart mattresses offer. Many come with an on-board heating system or cooling system, giving you the right or preferred temperature throughout the night.
  4. Smart-home integration – Today’s smart home, your speaker, shades, door lock, and lights all talk to each other. A smart mattress you pay good money for should do the same.

Sleep mattress – brands to choose from

Some of the brands that stand out are ReST Bed, Eight Sleep, and Sleep Number. Below we will discuss the difference between these popular smart mattress brands.

#1 ReST Bed – makes mattresses that respond to the sleeper’s needs during the night and adjusts to their sleeping positions. It is achieved by automatically changing firmness in real-time. Also, this smart mattress can give you feedback on your sleep cycle, which means it provides data on how many times you woke up, how much you moved, etc.

#2 Sleep Number – has a similar offer, although it focuses more on the responsive air technology which helps you to feel comfortable in all positions during the night.

#3 Eight sleep – this smart mattress offers foam mattresses covered by a smart cover that monitors and stores information that you can use to adjust your sleeping habits.

Below we will review the best smart mattresses currently sold on the market. To create these reviews, we relied on existing verified online reviews, and combine them with key features of the models and their price point. All the models listed below are sourced from the three above mentioned companies, as they are considered leaders in the field of manufacturing smart mattresses.

Sleep Mattress review

Sleep mattress #1 – Eight Sleep Jupiter

Sleep mattress #1 – Eight Sleep Jupiter

Read full review Eight Sleep Jupiter

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Sleep Mattress #2 – Sleep Number C2

Sleep Mattress #2 - Sleep Number C2

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If you have a lower budget smart mattress Sleep Number C2 falls into this category. It is available for just under $1000, for a Queen Size, and it is an airbed. People who sleep on their stomach and those who have a few extra pounds really like this smart mattress as it is less thick than an average airbed.

The model is made from 2 inches of polyfoam and 2 chambers filled with air. The firmness of the mattress is adjustable
 Sleep tracker – Sleep data is collected and stored

This smart mattress has a sleep tracker, where sleep data is collected and stored so that you can easily track your movement during sleep, how many times you woke up, and similar data that can be used to improve sleep. A trial for this mattress is one hundred nights, and a warranty lasts 25 years. An option of home delivery is available as well as the service of assembling the mattress at your home. However, the coverage is in the U.S. only.

As mentioned this is great for back-sleepers as well as tummy-sleepers. Couples also love this smart mattress due to its adjustable firmness.

Smart mattress #3 – Eight Sleep Mars+

Smart mattress #3 – Eight Sleep Mars+

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This smart mattress is made from a memory foam mixture, and it has an average price for a smart mattress. For Queen size, the price is around $1300. The layers of the smart bed are made from memory foam and polyfoam, with a core that supports the coils in the pockets. The materials are very dense, meaning this model has quality edge support. When it comes to firmness, it is medium firm.

Foam mixture of memory foam and polyfoamMedium-firm
 Temperature control

The Mars+ mattress is best for those who need temperature control and prefer middle firmness models. It is best for people with average weight or those who are a bit heavier.

Smart mattress #4 ReST Bed

Smart mattress #4 ReST Bed

ReST is a smart mattress designed to help you recover faster. Whether if you are looking for better support for your head, shoulders, hip, leg, and back pain, the ReST Bed can actually automatically change its firmness in real-time. Additionally, when you use the app, you will be able to customize your level of support for these respective areas on your body.

Gel memory foamThe patented fabric helps monitor shape and pressure profile
The cover contains LycraReSTdash – sleep tracker app
 Sensors – medical sensors can monitor over 2000 pressure points
 Whisper air system – the smart bed can adjust air quietly to 5 different body zones
 Tablet device – each smart mattress comes with a tale that displays your sleep data

The IT industry is full of innovations, which leads to fast changes in the industry of smart mattresses. This smart mattress is considered to be one of the most technologically advanced products in the field. One of the reasons for this is the adjustment of firmness, based on a sleeper’s preference the setting of firmness can be automatic, which means that the firmness changes based on the sleeper’s habits. The second setting is manual and the third is called “Position Detection” which changes during the night based on the position of the person sleeping on the mattress.

The sensors on this smart mattress measures movements during the night and this allows the application to adjust the firmness to a perfect degree. It can since with any wireless device.

One of the most impressive features is that the firmness can be adjusted in the head, should, and leg area. The shoulder part may need to be a little softer than the stomach part of the mattress, so the air chamber adjusts this during the night. This takes care of general issues that people have with air mattresses, and that is pressure and pain.

Smart mattress – improve your sleep with a smart mattress

Anything updated with technology and/or an app gets a prefix “Smart”. Smart mattresses are improved by tech so that we can improve our sleep. The apps can collect information about our sleep stages if we tend to sleep hot, track out heart rate and breathing and similar. Some of these smart mattresses can even adjust the temperature, loft height, firmness and more. The smart mattress is remote-controlled or has an application that controls all the features. It is not easy to make a smart mattress that is technologically advanced, so smart mattresses are typically expensive and hard to find. Some can be cheaper than others, but the average price is around $1900. For this amount of money, you can get three regular mattresses. If you are considering investing in a smart mattress, make sure you list all that you need from a mattress, to truly assist which is best for you.