Sleep Pillows Reviews and Buying Guide

last updated April 17, 2020

A peaceful and restful sleep happen with a good quality of sleep pillows right there on your bed. Without a good pillow, one will never enjoy a night of quality sleep but will lack it instead. Getting enough sleep is really essential in living a healthy life. One factor that gives you the benefits of enjoying your bed is having a good sleep pillow. A pillow provides good support to your neck and upper back during rest. It also provides comfort. Good support for your head and neck is very helpful to maintain the proper alignment of the human spine. Sleeping with a poor quality of sleep pillows will not only give you sleepless nights but could result in stiffness in your neck and back, as well.

Choosing the right sleep pillows depends on your sleeping position. A person who sleeps on their back should use a pillow that supports the natural curve of the neck. If you sleep on your stomach, a thin pillow is best for you. If you sleep in other positions, choosing sleep pillows better goes with your personal preference on what fills your needs. Never buy a pillow that will just satisfy your eyes by its design, color, or size. It is always good to consider how your body feels when using it during sleep time.

Sleep pillows are not accesories in the bed but it’s a need that should always fit the needs of your body. We have listed the type of sleep pillows to guide you choose the right one to benefit you with good sleep:

Feather Pillows and Down Pillows. Feather and down pillows give comfort, softness, and support. The feathers used in this type of sleep pillows are very small and highly curled. These pillows are fluffy, light, and cozy but are not made to provide support.

Memory Foam Pillows. These are a great type of pillows as they will remember you the whole night. These sleep pillows give you comfort as it adjusts to individual shape that allows your shoulder, neck, and head to rest in a natural position. Sleep memory pillows come in different shapes and speeds.

Microbead Pillows. These are made of tiny beads called unexpanded polystyrene (EPS). This type provides good support to your neck.

Buckwheat Pillows. If you are looking for a natural and plant-based pillow, buckwheat is best for you. It is filled with husks from buckwheat seeds and offers hard support during sleep time.

Sleep Apnea Pillows. If you are sleeping with a CPAP machine, this type is good for you. Sleep apnea pillows are designed with octopus tubes and cords of the CPAP machine. It is made with polyester fiberfill or foam.

Neck Pillows. This type is constructed with a baffle designed to support your spine to correctly position your head and neck for a more comfortable sleep.

Body Pillows. This long pillow is best to cuddle up. Typically 54 inches long, it can be placed in between your legs for hip and lower back support. This is highly recommended during pregnancy.

Lumbar Pillows. Lumbar pillows are great for lower back pain. This provides support just above the lumbar area gives a natural relaxing feeling to your lower back.

Wedge Pillows. These pillows are also perfect during pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester. It helps elevate your legs and feet to relieve the discomfort of varicose veins. It has a triangular shape to support a different area of the body. It is made of foam, polyester fiberfill or a combination of the two. It is also great to use when reading in bed and propping up the body to ease acid reflux.

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    Sleep Pillows Reviews and Buying Guide