Review and buying guide on noise-masking devices

What are the noise-masking devices?

Environmental noise is one factor that disturbs a good and quality sleep. Noise masking can be done if your place is surrounded by environmental noise that can distract you to a night of good sleep. Neighbors’ voices at nighttime can distract you the moment you lie in bed and enjoy a restful sleep. Poor sleep is known for its bad effects on health that include serious health problems such as heart attacks, heart disease, heart failures, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes.

Sleep disorders are also the cause of some mental and social problems. Aside from the effects of disturbed sleep, some people who have struggled with nocturnal environment noise suffer the next day by feeling sleepy, tired, annoyed, changed the mood and decreased cognitive performance. The noisy environment at night that disturbs you may be the worst worrying noise pollution when it comes to health as it affects one of the most important activities we need in life, a good sleep.

The benefits of noise-masking devices

Having a good quality of sleep helps you in many ways to improve your quality of life.

  • Sleep reduces your stress.
  • Sleep improves your memory and makes you process things better.
  • Sleep lowers down your blood pressure.
  • Sleep helps your body to fight infection.
  • Sleep can help you maintain your ideal weight.
  • Sleep gives you a better mood.
  • Sleep reduces your chances of diabetes.
  • Sleep makes your heart healthy.
  • Sleep kills your body pains.
  • Sleep helps you to be smarter.

NOise-masking devices features

Noise masking is an additional sound that helps you fall asleep faster in the middle of a noisy environment. It is known that natural sounds and soothing music helps an individual get a restful sleep. The benefits of noise masking through natural and soothing music during bedtime make you breathe slowly, lowers your heart rate, lowers your blood pressure, quiet the nervous system, ease muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, and triggers the release of sleep-friendly hormones like the serotonin.

The purpose of noise-masking devices

Using white noise for noise masking is one of the best things you can do to minimize inside and outside noise to make your sleep better. When you have a baby, you are more mindful of the noise the environment brings so your baby can enjoy a good sleep. However, if you are still in the process of reviewing and checking the best noise masking device for your bedroom, you do some of these to minimize the noise:

When and where to use the noise-masking devices

Not only for sleep, but noise masking is also used in different places such as at the open office plans, private offices, and public spaces. In open office plans, noise-masking helps the workers to be less destructed with the noise of the environment that makes them more productive and focused. For private offices, noise-masking can help eliminate noise from adjacent offices or hallways making sure also those confidential conversations remain confidential. Public spaces also need noise masking to keep conversations private.

Our top 3 noise-masking devices

Noise-masking devices #1 BOSE noise-masking earbuds

noise masking noise-masking devices - bose sep17 287x300 - Review and buying guide on noise-masking devices


Bose is designed for comfort. One of the considerations in buying sleepbuds is their comfortability. This is important since you have to wear sleepbuds while you are sleeping. Bose sleepbuds are made of a rubbery material that is soft and ideal for sleeping. The degree of comfortability is the best about Bose sleepbuds that you won’t even notice you are wearing it. They do not twist and turn during bedtime. Another best about Bose sleepbuds is the decent memory inside that can be used to store pre-defined tracks through the Bose Sleep app.

Feel like a baby with Bose. Wearing sleepbuds during sleep might be harmful to one’s health but Bose sleepbuds are an exemption. It facilitates a healthy sleep cycle and has a harmless clause for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep even if you are using sleepbuds since it does not require you to keep your smartphone in the vicinity to continuously transmit music to help you sleep. Aside from this, you can set multiple alarms that will be audible for you not affecting other people.

The battery that Long Lasts. The long-lasting battery of Bose noise-making sleepbuds is designed not to give you sleepless nights.

Noise-masking devices #2 – Lectrofan Micro 2 Sleep Sound Machine

Noise-cancelling devices #2 - Lectrofan Micro 2 Sleep Sound Machine noise-masking devices - Lectrofan Micro 2 Sleep Sound Machine 2 746x1024 - Review and buying guide on noise-masking devices

The Lectrofan Micro2 Sleep Sound Machine is the best portable white noise machine in the market today. The compact design makes it incredible for travel, and the speaker is good enough to mask external noise so you can relax at night.

Noise-masking devices #3 – Marpac Dohm Classic

Noise-canceling devices #3 - Marpac Dohm Classic noise-masking devices - marpac 1 300x291 - Review and buying guide on noise-masking devices

If you prefer an old fashioned, low-tech machine that produces more subtle noises, the Marpac Dohm All Natural Sound Machine is a good option. The Marpac Dohm All Natural Sound Machine generates noises that are more like what you hear when holding a seashell or a cupped hand over your ear. this model is the original white noise machine, and its design has remained virtually unchanged since 1962.

Noise-masking devices– Consider the Quality, the Features, and your Budget

Noise masking is necessary to help an individual enjoy a sound and restful sleep at night without any noise distractions. The importance of sleep leads us to get better health and sacrificing good sleep quality should never happen. Noise masking through sound machines can help. Before buying one, always check the quality and your budget. The features of your sound machine are also important to know what more it can do for you and prove that it’s always worth the buy!