Sleep gadgets – Guide to choosing the right sleep gadgets

Sleep gadgets – welcome to the world of technology

Today as we live in the world of technology, everything is smart, from a smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV, smart Refrigerator, smart bed, and smart coffee machine and to whatever manufacturers can imagine turning into a smart device. Luckily, for those suffering sleep disorders, it is an exciting innovation with numerous products of sleep gadgets available that are solely designed to enhance sleep.

The list of products of sleep gadgets continues to grow. There are apps, wearable technology like fitness trackers, sleep trackers, smart beds, and external monitors that make the bedroom part of the internet of things, and devices meant to optimize the sleep environment by regulating light, noise, temperature, and humidity.

There are interventions sleep gadgets that treat snoring, sleep apnea, circadian disorders, and insomnia. Which products show promise and what is the future of sleep in the technology age? Let us go through some of the most amazing sleep gadgets there are in the market here.

Sleep gadgets – can natural sleep be enhanced?

Sleep is a natural physiological process experienced by all animals on the planet. However, humans seem to be the only ones interested in using technology to attempt to enhance it.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. We have used our rational intellect for millennia to accomplish things that would not have seemed possible before.  Without the help of sleep gadgets technology, we could never travel with great speed and ease, fly through the air, journey into outer space, or even read this article. Technology has its place, and it may even have a role in sleep enhancement.

Sleep gadgets – smart sleep technology to treat sleep disorders

Sleep gadgets has already had a dramatic impact on the treatment of sleep disorders. Continuous positive airway pressure was invented more than 35 years ago. It revolutionized the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea – a condition that previously required extreme surgical measures to resolve.

CPAP therapy continues to evolve, becoming quieter and easier to use. Auto CPAP now self-adjusts based on an algorithm that responds to breathing disturbances in real-time. It is networked to providers via a cloud-based system that allows data collection as well as therapy adjustments.

Over the past decade, the hypoglossal nerve stimulator has become an effective surgical treatment for severe sleep apnea. This pacemaker for the tongue activates the muscles of the airway during sleep. It can relieve the condition among those who do not tolerate CPAP.

Circadian rhythm disorders and insomnia may improve with the use of lightbox technology. Whether delivered via a lamp or with newer light glasses worn on the face, this phototherapy can transform difficulty sleeping.

Sleep gadgets – list of new sleep technology

Newer sleep gadgets may begin to transform how we sleep. With unique perspectives and differing approaches, scientists and researchers are revolutionizing the bed, bedroom and the person who sleeps.

Sleep gadgets – get to know the best Sleep apps

It is impossible to count how many-related apps exist for smartphones. Many use movement to track sleep and wakefulness. This information may be used to synchronize a morning alarm. There are apps to teach relaxation techniques and to play soothing sounds. Some give sleep advice. Many coordinate with wearable technology and other devices.

Here is the list of sleep apps available for smartphones, wearable devices, and other devices.

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #1 – Sleep Cycle

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #1 – Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle monitors your sleep patterns and offers detailed statistics and daily sleep graphs, so you can get a better understanding of what is going on when you hit the bed – or what may be interfering with a good night’s sleep. The app also features an intelligent alarm clock designed to gently wake you up when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

For iPhones and Android with a rating of 4 stars

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #2 – Relax and Sleep Well

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #2 - Relax and Sleep Well

Glenn Harrold is an experienced hypnotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. His hypnosis and meditation app features four free hypnotherapy and meditation recordings and over 80 in-app purchases to address insomnia, stress, anxiety, sleep, and many more. Try the 29-minute hypnotherapy session designed to help you find profound feelings of relaxation and mindfulness to overcome insomnia.

Rating for this app for the iPhone is 5 stars and 4 stars for Android. This app is free with optional in-app purchases.

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #3 – Pzizz

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #3 – Pzizz

Pzizz promises restful sleep without changing habits, keeping a sleep diary, or limiting your activities. The app’s patented system plays sleep-optimized “dreamscapes” that mix music, voiceovers, and sound effects. Try the nap module to boost alertness and improve your mood, or the focuscapes in the focus module to help you get more work done.

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #4 – Nature sounds to relax and Sleep

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #4 – Nature sounds to relax and Sleep

Six nature-based relaxing tracks on this Android-only app will help you start your personal audio therapy. Choose from high-quality water sounds, nature sounds, animals’ sounds, white noise, and more, all designed to help you relax and sleep.

This app is exclusive for Android and has a 4-star rating, it is free with optional in-app purchases.

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #5 –Sleepo

Sleep gadgets – sleep app #5 –Sleepo

Sleepo is an Android app that received a 5-star rating and is free with optional in-app purchases. Sleepo features a great collection of high-definition sounds that can be mixed into relaxing ambiances with a timer designed to automatically stop the app. Choose from 32 sounds in four groups, rain, nature, city, and meditation, and 3 kinds of white noise, and start relaxing into sleep today.

Sleep gadgets – Wearable and fitness trackers with sleep trackers

Wristbands and smartwatches come from familiar companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike, Apple, Samsung and more. Initially promoted as enhanced step counters, they now incorporate movement data as well as heart rate and even blood oxygen measurement to estimate sleep states. Guidance may be offered for changes to improve sleep.

Here is a list of sleep gadgets wristbands with sleep tracker:

  • Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #1 – Nokia Steel
Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #1 – Nokia Steel

Both Nokia Steel and Nokia Steel HR fitness watches are able to track your sleep, but here we are going to focus on the less capable but cheaper watch of the two. This analog watch is perfect for minimalists who want access to reams of insightful data without an additional screen bombarding them with endless smartphone notifications. You get the time and 0-100% dial for your daily activity. All other insights, including sleep, are synced back to the Nokia health mate app.

There is automatic sleep tracking with detailed insights into sleep cycles, time awake and sleep duration. The app tells you when you went to bed and how long it took you to fall asleep. The watch’s silent alarm will also wake you gently at the optimum point of your sleep cycle.

  • Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #2 – Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor
Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #2 – Beddit 3 Sleep Monitor

Beddit is an unobtrusive sleep monitor that sits on top of your mattress, beneath the sheets. You don’t have to worry about wearing anything while you sleep, is this is what you prefer the most. Also, you don’t have to meddle with an app, all you need to do is focus on sleeping.

In the morning, the powerful app delivers you a detailed breakdown of the quality and quantity of sleep, heart rate data, and breaths per minute. If the well-placed kicks from your partner don’t do it, Beddit tells you if you have been snoring, which is a serious contributor to poor sleep.

  • Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #3 – Emfit QS
Sleep gadgets – sleep tracker #3 – Emfit QS

The Emfit QS is so subtle that it hides under your mattress. The no-contact solution is primarily designed for athletes and uses the rapidly emerging metric of heart rate variability to determine sleep-based recovery. HRV or heart rate variability is based upon the time between your individual heartbeats while resting. Research suggests the higher the HRV, the better your body has recovered from the strain and the more equipped athletes are to perform at a high level the next day without risking injury.

Sleep gadgets – Smart beds and mattresses

As a part of the expansion of the internet, the bed has become a source of data. Newer options may record the same information that would be captured by a wearable, either with a pad or integrated into the mattress itself. The bed may be able to raise the head to alleviate snoring or reduce the risk of sleep apnea. Temperature regulation may also be possible, alleviating insomnia symptoms.

Here is a list of smart beds and mattresses.

  • Sleep gadgets – smart bed #1 – Eight Sleep
Sleep gadgets – smart bed #1 – Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep, which has named their line of mattresses after planets, believes that your sleep health goes beyond the mattress and with the help of their wellness app, they want to give you all the information and features you might need to maintain a healthy and consistent sleep pattern. Depending on what planet you choose, you can either choose an all-foam smart mattress or a hybrid ix of foam and coils.

What is the best feature of this bed?

The app paired with this mattress collects information on 15 different biometrics, including breathing rate, heart rate, and REM sleep. Eight Sleep’s approach to smarter nights begins and ends with information, believing you can improve your life if you study your sleep.

  • Sleep gadgets – smart bed #2 – ReSt Bed
Sleep gadgets – smart bed #2 – ReSt Bed

Rest Bed not only allows you to adjust your preferred firmness setting, but you can also adjust that setting at five different zones in the bed so that your pressure relief and support needs are met from head to toe.

The system of this sleep gadgets is oriented to address the specific needs of the sleeper’s back pain and caters to athletes. The smart system’s app can be used on any wireless device supporting the Android operating system. Users can also enjoy the bed by using the Samsung tablet that comes with every purchase.

What is the best feature of this bed?

Those with back pain want to avoid any potential build-up of pressure as it can trigger their pain, and athletes’ needs may vary depending on their performance on any given day. This mattress is built to address changing needs by adjusting firmness in different areas of the bed in response to pressure points detected by sensors that are integrated into the performance fabric in the mattress.

  • Sleep gadgets – smart bed #3 – Sleep number 360 P6
Sleep gadgets – smart bed #3 – Sleep number 360 P6

The sleep gadgets from Sleep number have built their reputation on building mattresses that you can perfectly tailor to your comfort while you are lying in bed selecting your “sleep number” from between 1 to 100, with 100 being the firmest.

These sleep gadgets, when it was first introduced, was a game-changer for couples with different needs and people with highly specific preferences. Now, they have upped their game again with the introduction of a line of smart beds that can adjust to your preferences while you are sleeping.

What is the best feature of this bed?

Not only does this bed sense changes in your position and adjust to fit your comfort needs, but you can also monitor its performance through an app and record key sleep biometrics that shows you how you are sleeping and how you can improve. The app is compatible with many popular wellness apps that track diet, exercise, and lifestyles so that you can include data about your sleep into your overall wellness profile.

Sleep gadgets – environmental changes to enhance your sleep

Besides monitoring sleep characteristics, it might also become possible for these devices to make specific changes to enhance sleep. The sleep environment us space in which you attempt to sleep, your sleep environment plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep. If you are looking for ways to improve your sleep, the first critical step is to create a sleep-friendly environment. But  

Below is your sleep environment checklist.

  1. Keep your room dark

Your bedroom should exude calm. When you sleep inside your room, you should feel like taking a breath of fresh air. This all starts with the wall color. That is your first step to creating an ideal sleep environment.

The color of your wall should be a soothing shade, think blues and gray, or, for those who love the warmer palette, a soft beige. Stick to neutral colors, they are nearly impossible to mess up but make sure they don’t make your room dingy.

Take into account your natural lights, find out the best possible shades for the amount and the direction of light your windows face. If you don’t have windows in your room, set up several soft lighting choices around the room. Night lights come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types are plugged into wall outfits. Additionally, many nightlights come in the form of portable dolls or toys that children can cuddle with while they sleep. In recent years, projector nightlights that cast images and colors onto the wall surfaces have become popular, as well. Although price range varies from brand and model, most nightlights are available for $30 or less.

Sleep gadgets – Nightlight #1 – Mr. GO

Sleep gadgets - Nightlight #1 – Mr. GO

Getting spooked by a pitch dark room is common to fear that many of us experience, you can place this fixture on your nightstand and leave it on all night long. But the nightlights aren’t just for grown-ups who are afraid of the dark. When installed in hallways, they can illuminate your path, preventing you from tripping over furniture.

Sleep gadgets – Nightlight #2 – Syncees Plug in LED night light

Sleep gadgets - Nightlight #2 – Syncees Plug in LED night light

This pack of six LED nightlights from Syncees is an excellent option if you are looking for a no-nonsense nightlight that gets the job done. These nightlights provide the perfect balance of light. They are bright enough to illuminate your path in the dark, but they are not too bright. Syncees nightlights come with built-in light sensors, which trigger them to illuminate when the amount of light in the room is too low.

Sleep gadgets – Nightlight #3 – FC-Fancier Dimmable nightlight

Sleep gadgets - Nightlight #3 – FC-Fancier Dimmable nightlight

Are you looking for a versatile nightlight that you can use both in your bedroom and bathroom? The FC-Fancier Dimmable light is an excellent option. What makes this a suitable nightlight for both adults and kids, it is wireless and quiet. This fixture generates soft, warm lighting. As a result, it can be installed in a hallway, closet, cabinet, pantry, or storage room. In case, this nightlight doesn’t live up to your expectations, the manufacturer provides a full reimbursement if you return it within thirty days of your purchase.

  • Keep out the noise

In general, it is easiest to sleep in a quiet place. Whether it is a vestige of surviving in the wilderness or for some other reason, we tend to respond to external stimuli while asleep. In other words, if we hear a noise, we will wake up. When we hear a noise, we may not become fully conscious, but we certainly will come out of the deeper stages of sleep. If we are trying to sleep in a noisy environment, our ability to enjoy restful deep sleep will be compromised. It is, therefore, best to try to keep things as quiet as possible. Some may benefit from using a white noise machine, putting earplugs, or keeping a radio or television on low volume to drown the street noise.

Below is the list of white noise machines, the best picks for 2019.

Sleep gadgets – white noise machines #1 – Sound + Sleep Sound Machine

Sleep gadgets – white noise machines #1 – Sound + Sleep Sound Machine

Our best choice of white noise machine is the Sound + Sleep Sound Machine, a high-fidelity white noise machine that comes loaded with recording options. Users can choose from white, pink, and brown noise, as well as a wide selection of natural and ambient sounds. A total of 10 sound profiles and 30 unique listening experiences are available. The machine also includes a noise-reduction timer, which can be programmed in 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-minute increments. Gradually lowering the volume enhances the white noise sleeping experience for some. The machine’s buttons will automatically dim to minimize sleep disruption, as well. A headphone jack is included for private listening.

Sleep gadgets – white noise machine #2 – Marpac Dohm Machines

Sleep gadgets – white noise machine #2 – Marpac Dohm Machines

The Dohm from Marpac, first sold as the Sleep-Mate in the 1960s is a pure white noise machine that produces natural, fan-based noise. The machine does not have a timer, making it suitable for sleepers who prefer to listen to white noise all night. Users can also adjust the volume between 2-speed settings, as well as the tone of the noise.

Sleep gadgets – white noise machine #3 – Big Red Rooster

Sleep gadgets – white noise machine #3 – Big Red Rooster

Most high-quality white noise machines cost at least $40, but the Big Red Rooster is widely available for less than $20. However, this machine offers the same sound and performance quality as many higher-priced competitors. These include a white noise option, as well as five natural sounds, rain, brook, thunder, ocean, and summer night. Users can also set a sleep timer in 15-minute increments up to 1 hour.

Sleep gadgets – future innovations of Sleep

There is growth in telemedicine for the management of sleep disorders. This will increase access to board-certified sleep physicians, who will always have a central role in treatment to restrictions regarding prescription medications and devices that require medical licensing. Sleep gadgets have the ability to provide helpful guidance in the management of sleep conditions like insomnia.