Sleep habits for babies – Sleep Gadgets to help your baby fall asleep

Sleep habits for babies – getting healthy sleep habits for babies is a must

Life with a newborn is often defined by how much sleep you are or not getting. Sure, new mother luck out with newborns who magically sleep through the night from a very early age. But for most parents, sleep becomes a thing of the past. So what are we told you it doesn’t have to be that way? You can implement good sleep habits for babies from day one so that you and baby get the sleep that you deserve and need.

Sleep habits for babies – 7 ways to set up your baby from an early age

Sleep habits for babies #1. Get a rhythm

For a new mom used to be in charge of her daily schedule, a newborn’s unpredictable naps can cause serious mental whiplash. Your goal during this period is to prevent your baby from becoming overtired during the day. Most newborns can only comfortable stay awake for 45 to 60 minutes between naps, so start from here. Once your baby wakes up from a nap, you can set a timer on your phone so you can monitor when it’s time for the next nap. Some babies need even shorter awake windows, so they also monitor her tired signs. When you have come to understand these signs, you can prevent your baby to become overtired and make putting down for a nap much easier.

Sleep habits for babies #2. Have a consistent routine

Consistency is the key to establish a healthy sleep habit for babies. Once your baby is a few weeks old, introduce a short sleep-time routine before naps and bedtime. This consistent series of events will serve as a cue that it’s almost bedtime. Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel, soothing sleep habits for babies can be as simple as feeding her, changing her diaper, singing her favorite lullaby, giving her a warm bath before putting her down to rest.

Sleep habits for babies #3. Night time is for sleep

Any new mom will tell you that newborn’s day/night confusion is the worst. It is honestly, in the first few days. While this naturally sorts itself out around 8 weeks, you can help nudge this process along by exposing your little one to bright, natural light during daytime and darkness at night time. Any activities that occur overnight should be done in a darkened room, where light is minimal.

Sleep habits for babies #4. Safety first

A new mom wants nothing more than for her baby to sleep and sleep safely. Sometimes we are so desperate to get some sleep ourselves, that we overlook the safety and ignore our better judgment. We urge every mother out there to review the sleep guidelines for healthy sleep habits for babies. In particular that it’s highly discouraged to allow your baby to sleep for an extended time in a swing, Rock-n-Play, car seat, and so forth. It is also equally important that your baby’s crib or bassinet be completely free of bumpers, stuffed animals, blankets, and other bedding that might cover her head.

Sleep habits for babies – lists of gadgets to include in your baby’s sleep routine

While getting children to sleep throughout the night is one of the most sought-after milestones in parenting little ones, and fortunately, the tech market reflects that fact. There are countless baby sleep gadgets available that promise better sleep habits for babies, and for parents as well.

Below we have tested the most popular sleep gadgets for babies and wrote a little review about the products.

Sleep habits for babies – list of the most popular sleep gadgets for babies online

Sleep Gadget #1 – Hatch baby rest

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Sleep Gadget #2 Zazu kids

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Sleep Gadget #3 – Smart connect Deluxe Soother

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Sleep gadget #4 Serenity star

Sleep habits for babies serenity star sleep habits for babies - 2019 07 15 2042 - Sleep habits for babies – Sleep Gadgets to help your baby fall asleep

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Sleep Gadget #5 Musical Sleep pod Lullaby Shades Plug-and-play

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We like this one for our outdoor life, it is a shade where you can plug your phone into the Lullaby Shades Plug-and-play and create a music-filled, darkened sleep pod that allows your baby to sleep soundly while protecting them from the sun, so you can do all your errands without disturbing the baby’s sleep and keep your sleep habits for babies on check.

Sleep habits for babies – all babies are different

Sleep habits for babies are different for each baby. Every baby has a different sleep pattern, some take longer day naps while others only have quick naps. Some wake up frequently through the night while others may sleep through or wake up occasionally, and their sleep patterns can also change a lot in the first year. While each baby is different, it may help you understand how babies’ sleep cycles differ from those of adults and also what to expect at each stage. It is truly helpful that you have sleep aids, such as sleep gadgets for babies to help you with implementing sleep habits for babies.

A list of bestseller baby sleep gadgets on Amazon to help you create a great sleep habits for babies