Sleep Tracking Pad – Review and Guide of Sleep Tracking Pad

Sleep Tracking Pad – featuring a simple one-time set up under the mattress

People sleep anytime they want but the important time to sleep is at night and that’s the problem of some individuals. They had a hard time sleeping at night due to insomnia or they have a sleeping disorder.  If you don’t have enough sleep at night, your performance in school, office and more will be affected because it’s poor. However, if you have good sleep at night- you’re active, energetic and focus on your job, homework, etc. Since we are living in a high technology world, we can get help from sleep gadgets to achieve a goodnight’s sleep.

sleep tracking pad sleep tracking pad - mattress - Sleep Tracking Pad – Review and Guide of Sleep Tracking Pad

Sleep tracking pad is an advance plugin and forgets it sleep gadgets that can be put under the mattress. The sleep technology information provided is a detailed awareness of your sleep so also how to enhance sleep quality over the long term.

Sleeping Tracking Pad vs. Sleep Apps

Sleep apps are popular because it’s easy to download on your mobile phone in a few seconds. However, there are many apps and wearable solutions can be sensitive when you’re moving or not that will lead to losing the data. Sleep apps are not great for sleep monitoring

On the other hand, advanced trackers or advanced sensors focus on tracking your sleep. It’s not a sleep aid but a sleep monitor that helps you find clues and patterns to help you get better sleep.

Sleep Tracking Pad – Withings Sleep tracking pad

It is an android-friendly and iOS that monitor your sleep cycle, analyzes heart rate and detects snoring for it has an automatic synchronization. The data syncs interpret and contribute to a score of your sleep.

Setting up this sleep tracking pad is easy rather than purchasing it online as it would take time to choose the best one. Once the sleep tracking pad is removed from the box, it will slide under the mattress at chest-level but make sure to get help in lifting the mattress.

You might be thinking why at chest-level, it’s because per Withing it can distinguish a person’s movement and vital signs especially the heart and respiratory rates from your partner’s. You must position the mat in horizontal. Place the sleep tracking pad in the middle of the bed if you sleep alone in a double bed.

Install the Withings Health Mate app on your mobile phone. It will walk you through the important steps in creating an account. It must be paired with the Withings sleep tracking pad and connect it to Wi-Fi. Input the data with your gender, weight, and height. When it calibrates, you can hear a sound like a motor lift in about 30 seconds then it’s ready to use once the noise stops.

Sleep Tracking Pad

It’s flat and long at 64 x 20 x 0.5cms. Also, it is thick but you cannot notice the difference. The Whitings Sleep Tracking Pad is made of ¾ soft, pliable fabric and ¼ hard mat. The sleep technology sensors are in the microphone to detect the noise but it won’t record snoring.

The sleep tracking pad looks modern, it has grey and white color that’s called “premium pad” but it’s under the mattress so the color combination will not matter at all. It looks like a sleek and sharp piece of sleep technology that can match any modern looking bedroom.

This sleep tracking pad does not need additional wires, wristbands, headbands or anything that you need to wear or place on top of the mattress compared to other sleep gadgets.

There’s nothing you need to remember in using this sleep tracking pad because other sleep gadgets you have to set, turn or wear it before you can use it. All you have to do is jump into your bed then it will start working. For those who are forgetful sometimes but wanted to monitor sleep, this is the best sleep tracking pad for you.

Sleep Tracking Data

You can see the data in the app that you installed, then you can see the disturbances in your sleep in a graph. You will know your movements between the deep, light and REM sleep even when you woke up in the middle of the night. The data will give you the “Sleep Score”, it will show you how positive or negative with negative red, green or orange colors.

However, be reminded that deep sleep is when your breathing is slow and muscles are relaxed. It helps you recover from exhaustion and enables learning so also memory. We can dream during REM(Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Sleep Cycles (Light/Deep/REM sleep phases of waking and falling asleep)

It’s hard to control the sleep phases but with the help of Withings sleep tracking pad, it becomes easy. For example, you spent close to 70% of the in restorative sleep (Deep and REM), it will suggest that you go to be earlier to be able to sleep longer.

Quality of Your Sleep Score

It will be calculated with these categories:

  • Sleep DurationYou should aim to sleep 7 and 9 hours at night.
  • Sleep DepthIt refers to Deep and REM sleep. This is the phase wherein you can recover the physical and emotional strain.
  • InterruptionsThe sleep tracking pad doesn’t include the short interruptions referring to the one that you’re likely not to remember. The longest ones will reset your sleep cycles. So, it’s better to set the alarm later than hitting sleep.
  • Bed and Rise Time RegularityRegularity of bed and rise-time has many impacts to achieve sleep quality. If you follow a regular schedule, it will help your body prepare for sleep.

In addition, the resting heart rate, length and number of times you’re snoring will be calculated for additional information into your sleep health.

Sleep Tracking Pad – helps improve sleep quality

To sum up, the sleep tracking pad is very helpful to people who are suffering from a sleep disorder. It has great features that can track your sleep or monitor your sleep. In that way, you’ll find if you have better sleep at night especially if there’s no disturbance while snoozing. So also, it’s proven that it provides you better sleep at night.