Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

Smart sleep gadgets provide a good quality sleep

Everyone has quite a lot of necessities, and an important one is a sleep. An average human spends one-third of his life resting in sleep since good sleep is very essential for us to stay healthy. Sleep is the time where our body heals and regenerates energy for the next day.

Now, there are many of us who have trouble going to sleep for certain reasons, causing them to suffer from lack of sleep. Although it is often overlooked, we should really give importance and prioritize sleep. Lack of sleep could cause either minor or major effects that are of course, negative. As a result, technology has done its part and smart sleep gadgets were made – to help those who suffer from sleep disorders. Sleep gadgets are outstanding and effective tools to help you sleep better and stay healthier. With those, you’re sure to have a good night’s sleep. Below are a few of the best ones on the list:

Smart sleep gadgets #1. Philips Hue Wellness Table Lamp

smart sleep gadgets smart sleep gadgets - philips 300x285 - Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

Light is quite a vital component when sleeping. Some of you may not know but your bedroom lights affect your sleep quality; therefore, innovative smart lights are paving the way. The Philips Hue Wellness lamp is a special Wi-Fi-connected bulb that can be paired with the Hue phone apps on your smartphone. This bulb adjusts its lights with the time creating a more natural environment for you to relax and sleep peacefully.

Smart sleep gadgets – 2. Eight Smart Mattress Cover

smart sleep gadgets - Eight Sleep Mattress Cover 300x299 - Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

Don’t get surprised to see a mattress in this list – yes, smart mattresses exist. Eight Mattress is a great addition to a smart bedroom concept. The firmness of the mattress can be simply adjusted using a smartphone app. The best part about this is its built-in sensors which give you full sleep analysis such as heart rate, breathing, and movements while sleeping. It’s a good device to study your sleep and find out about your current health status.

Smart sleep gadgets – 3. Neuroon Smart Sleep Mask

smart sleep gadgets - Neuroon 300x147 - Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

This sleep gadget is probably the smartest eye mask you have ever seen. The Neuroon Intelligent Sleep Mask has the ability to analyze your sleep habits and stats. Even the brain waves, pulses, body temperature, and movements – it can all be measured by this. It’s also connected to a mobile app that optimizes the stats and helps you sleep better.

Smart sleep gadgets – 4. New Classic Furniture Lexi Bed, Queen, Beluga

smart sleep gadgets - New Classic Furniture 300x227 - Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

Soon, 2019 will be all about smart bedrooms filled with smart sleep-enhancing beds. The existing Beluga bed is known to be the world’s smartest bed, designed to enhance your sleep entirely. This sleep gadget is capable of monitoring your body’s stats and adjusts its firmness accordingly. It also keeps the body temperature and mattress according to your settings.

Smart sleep gadgets – 5. REM-Fit ZEEQ Smart Pillow

smart sleep gadgets - ZEEQ Smart Pillow 300x287 - Top 5 smart sleep gadgets of 2019

As a guess, I think the majority of people are side-sleepers and like to hug while sleeping – specifically a pillow. Also, feeling too warm or too cold can be a sleep barrier for some people; therefore, REM-Fit has created this product that allows you to have a great sleep experience. The material of this pillow reacts according to the skin temperature felt on it. When you rest your head on this pillow, it senses your temperature and adjusts its temperature for the overall convenience of your sleep.

Smart sleep gadgets help you sleep better at night

A lot of us suffer from sleep disorders, that’s why technology has evolved into creating smart sleep gadgets to help you have a good quality sleep. Sleep is a big factor in your health: lack of sleep makes you unhealthy, therefore it’s very important to get a good amount and an actual comfortable sleep during the night.