Bed Accessories – Top accessories for bed that every bedroom need

Bed Accessories – beautify and calm your space

The bedroom won’t be a bedroom if there’s no bed and a few pieces of furniture especially a dresser and a nightstand at your bedside. However, even if you have the essentials in your room, there’s still be lacking that something special. That is bed accessories because it transforms into a cozy and attractive space that welcomes you after a long day. There’s an accessory for your bed that will work well in your bedroom and beautifies your room by adding them to the mix.

bed accessories bed accessories - bed acc - Bed Accessories – Top accessories for bed that every bedroom need

In addition, a little adjustment to your daily routine can make a big difference. For those who are having trouble making it through the night without waking. Better consider these four environmental and lifestyle changes that can help you sleep better.

  1. Better invest in blackout curtains because dark rooms provide better sleep. Darker-colored curtains are effective than light shades in blocking out the sunlight.
  2. Try to remove electronic devices as it becoming bedtime companions nowadays. Put away your phones, tablets, and laptops an hour before you go to bed, better read a book instead.
  3. Avoid eating foods with processed sugar for it will keep your energy levels high throughout day and night.
  4. Exercise regularly at least 10 minutes a day. It can improve the quality of your nighttime sleep and prevents you from having sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome. Jogging, biking or hitting the gym is an aerobic activity that you must focus on.

These are the top accessories for bed that your bedroom needs.

Bed accessories – Throw Blanket

If you want to add spark to your bedroom better have a colorful throw blanket. Put it across the foot of your bed as it helps warm your feet on a cold night. When you sit up in bed while watching TV, wrap it around your shoulders. If you are curled in your reading chair with your favorite book or magazine, use the throw blanket to stay cozy there.

Bed accessories – Toss Pillows

Your room will look better if you add a few toss pillows to your bed. However, don’t use more than three pillows then choose the colors or patterns that will contrast to your beddings while tying in other accessories in your room.

Bed accessories – Shams

This top accessory for bed seems unnecessary but put the pair of shams at the top of the bed, it will add an undisputable style to your room. Four shams will be enough to go all out, two European shams against the headboard and put the two standard shams in front of them. Also, shams can match your comforter or perhaps use them for contrast.

Bed accessories – Impact Lighting

Several sources of light in your bedrooms such as bedside lamp, floor lamp, and ceiling lighting are recommended. If these light sources are ho-hum, well it doesn’t enhance your bedroom because not every lamp or fixture should be a showstopper but even one should be something special. Ensure that when you put a small chandelier, whimsical animal-figure bedside lamp gleaming chrome floor lamp with glossy design, it will complement your bedroom because it can make an impact on your room.

Bed accessories – Large Artwork

Put something large and striking on the wall over your bed, perhaps framed paintings or prints. You can also put ornate mirrors, wall decals, quilts, framed maps, architectural trim, and some enlarged photos or embroideries. Half the width of the bed will be enough as it balances the bedroom’s look.

Bed accessories – Area Rug

Even if your bedroom is carpeted, it’s still good to put an area rug because it adds another layer of texture to your room so also with the color and pattern. Two-thirds of the bed to be atop the rug with a minimum of 18 inches that shows on both sides and at the bottom of the mattress. It means you will need a 5 X 8 or 8 X 10 area rug but it will depend on the size of the bed. Other options will be, place a smaller rug along the side of the mattress or at the foot of your bed.

Bed accessories – Houseplants

A houseplant can help purify the air and add a touch of living color so also calm the place. Choose Chinese evergreen, dracaena or photos- recommendable houseplants.

How to improve your bedroom to obtain a better sleep

  1. Don’t work in your bedroom. It’s a bad idea to have a desk in your bedroom.
  2. Try to tone down the colors in your bedroom. Remember Crayola colors are for children and it’s too shocking.
  3. Change the colors seasonally. In winter, use warmer colors to feel the warmth. When you declutter your space, better use storage.
  4. You must invest in a quality mattress because it’s your most-used piece of furniture.

Bed accessories – a great help to achieve a better sleep

We can easily sleep in the bedroom if the top accessories for bed are there as it contributes to better sleep. Try to put them all and you’ll see the difference and its benefits as well.