Best bed sheets on the market today

What are bed sheets?

Bed sheets are important to be able to obtain a good sleep at night. However, people often overlooked what color would perfectly match their décor. It can cover your body while you’re sleeping and can either provide a better night’s sleep or perhaps distract from it. The good texture, warmth, feel and moisture can give you comfort while you snooze.

Before we discuss the best bed sheets on the market today, let’s learn these sleep guide on how to choose the right bedding sets for our bed.

How to choose the right bed sheets for your bed?

Bed sheets material

Egyptian CottonIt’s strong and soft that has extra-long fibers – luxury fabric. This sheet material is breathable, natural, durable and it doesn’t pill plus the cotton is only grown in Egypt. These sheets are costly but a good investment because it provides you excellent sleep.

Cotton blendIt’s part of cotton and the second component is described as synthetic and natural. These sheets have poly-cotton blend sheets which means they are wrinkle-resistant, affordable and more durable compared to pure cotton sheets. The blends are a good choice because it has many benefits of multiple materials.

PolyesterThese sheets are made from a synthetic fiber. They are recommendable because it’s affordable, durable, stain and moisture resistant. It never wrinkles and easy to take care of. Polyester performs well like high-quality brands.

Jersey KnitThis bed sheet is different from other bed sheet material because the fabric is not woven but knitted with a long piece of thread. It’s warm, soft, stretchy and feels like you are wearing a comfortable t-shirt type fabric that results in a night of restful sleep.

BambooBamboo sheets are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Also, thermo-regulating, silky, soft and you’ll experience a plush sensation due to its long threads.

FlannelThis sheet is recommended to cold sleepers because it’s made of cotton, wool or synthetic fibers and knitted loosely. It has the same weight as the jersey knit.

MicrofiberThey are synthetics just like nylon and polyester polymers that are used to create microfiber sheets. It’s ultra-thin, water and stain resistant plus durable. A good choice for people who have sensitive skin.

LinenIt’s known as the luxurious sheet because the linen bedding is made from all-natural fibers. The linen won’t weave as tightly as other fibers and exceptional for keeping individuals cool.

SilkIt’s one of the expensive sheet fabrics. They are naturally hypoallergenic, good for individuals who have asthma or allergy. It repels dust mites, mold, and mildew. Silk sheets are durable and long-lasting plus huggable compared to other sheets.

Fit (Size and Pocket Depth)

When choosing a bedsheet, get the exact size of your bed. It’s uncomfortable to wake up with a fitted sheet that would loose and bunch. If your mattress is thick, you need an extra-deep pocket then make sure it’s all-around elastic.


This refers to how the thread is made into the fabric because each weave has a different texture that can affect your sleep experience.

Percale – This is a tight weave that makes it smooth. It’s breathable and has no gloss but can wrinkle.

Sateen – This is a luxury weave means it’s satiny, dense and has a good look and feel too plus wrinkle-resistant.

Twill – The weave is diagonal, it’s durable, visible and soft so also drapes well.

Flannel – The weave is brushing in which makes it ultra-soft to touch and plusher compared to other weaves.


All-natural neutral-colored products that don’t use chemical dyes are recommended to individuals who are sensitive to dyes. However, your sheets don’t need to match it with your duvet or comforter for they can be complementary or contrasting colors for patterns. When beautifying your bedroom and choosing bed colors, be reminded that your goal is to obtain a good sleep. Choose the colors that can calm your mind and put you to a good dose.

If you’re looking for the best bed sheets(bedding set) in the market today, look at these top picks for best sheets.

Bed Sheets – 1. Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set

bed sheets - Brooklinen 300x147 - Best bed sheets on the market today

This sheet is OEKO-TEX certified. The premium bedding set that includes flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases are crafted from luxurious, 270TC long-staple cotton. It has six sizing options and a 15” pocket depth. The pillowcase has hole openings that prevent the pillow from crump or slip out of the case. Also, they have dozens of colors and patterns that will match their décor and preference. It’s easy to clean just simply machine wash in the cold water and tumble dry on a low setting.

Bed Sheets – 2. Boll & Branch Luxury Long Staple Cotton Sheet Set

bed sheets - Boll 242x300 - Best bed sheets on the market today

This sheet is GOTS and Fair Trade certified. The flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases are constructed from 300TC single-ply long-staple cotton that is woven in a four-under and one-over pattern to be more durable. It’s recommended to hot sleepers because the material is silky-soft and airy. The pillowcases and sheets are washable in machines and dried too.

Bed Sheets – 3. Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam rushed Microfiber Sheet Set

bed sheets - Brooklyn 300x178 - Best bed sheets on the market today

This sheet does not wrinkle not shrink because it’s 100% polyester. The fabric is woven superbly and brushed to be softer. Fitted sheet is elastic on the perimeter to keep it in place firmly. There are six colors to choose from that include several neutrals and dark gray too. The sheets have a 120-night sleep trial that is longer than the average.

Bed Sheets – 4. Threadmill Home Linen Sheet Set

bed sheets - Threadmill 300x192 - Best bed sheets on the market today

This sheet stands out in this category due to the materials used. The bedding sets are produced from Italian-made linen. It’s an air-whipped that provides excellent softness and rumpled gently that gives the materials a stylish, worn-in appearance.

This bedsheets product is OEKO-TEX 100 certified that indicates they don’t use chemicals in manufacturing this sheet. The fitted sheet has a 17” pocket depth that will fit most of the mattresses nowadays plus it has four different sizes. It can be machine-washed, low maintenance only.

Bed Sheets – 5. Pinzon Organic Cotton Bed Sheet Set

bed sheets - pinzon 300x263 - Best bed sheets on the market today

People’s best choice because it’s cheaper than other sheets and the material is eco-friendly, ethically sourced and organic. It has 300TC organic cotton in single-ply sheets from long-staple fibers. The pocket depth of the fitted sheet can accommodate all mattresses, 15” thick or shorter.

Bed Sheets for a comfortable sleep

Individuals might be excited to purchase one of these bed sheets in the market today as it is clearly explained that you’ll surely have a good night’s sleep. Bed sheets comfort you from cold weather and bring you to sleep as well. It plays an important role in our sleep experience, so better pick the best bed sheets and put them in your bed.