Smart bedding – buying guide and review on smart bedding

Smart bedding – make your bed faster than ever

Smart bedding is a new start-up that is offering linen sheets at an affordable price by going directly to the consumer. In addition, they added a new twist to how to make your bed. They created a button where you can snap the top sheet to the duvet cover so that it won’t end up getting scrunched up over-night. Supposedly giving you a more comfortable sleep throughout the night, and no longer wake up to the messy bed or make your bed for that matter. 60% of people hate making their bed in the morning, but with smart bedding making your bed is as easy as spreading out the duvet cover since the top sheet is already attached.

Smart bedding – temperature control

SmartDuvet as one of the leading smart bedding on the market today has a dual-zone climate-controlled self-making bed. You can easily convert your existing bed into a Dual-zone Climate controlled self-making bed using your current bed and bedding. SmartDuvet will have you sleeping in perfect comfort every night.

Smart bedding – benefits of smart bedding

  1. Never make your bed again – a tagline from a smart bedding company. Well, there is a wonderful moment when you wake up in the morning with bedding for the first time. You’ll roll out of bed, flatten your duvet, and walkway. Once you experience this, you never want to go back to ordinary bedding ever again.
  2. No more messy sheets – It is something we all deal with every day – tucking, untangling, and realigning sheets. It is a dreadful task for someone who leads a busy life, smart bedding solves this problem.
  3. Function and form – Bedding shouldn’t only be about how it works. You are not just looking at it, you are sleeping in it. Smart bedding does look good on whatever type of bed.

Smart bedding – How does it work?

Smart bedding is a complete set of bedding with a fitted sheet, top sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcases, the smart bedding top sheet snaps to the duvet cover to keep the 2 aligned throughout the night, which making the bed into a simple process of straightening the duvet.

Think of the control box as a mechanized air pump. Smart bedding makes the bed by filling up like a pool toy. Because it’s attached to your bedding, it pulls everything with it as it fills with air. Your bed will be made when it reaches its final form.

Smart bedding features

Smart bedding also has temperature control, for couples who like to have different temperature during sleep, this type of bedding can give you the option to have 2 different temperature set on each side of the bedding.

Through an app, you can control the climate of each side of the bedding by blowing warm or cold air from the control box. It’s dual-layered to include the bed-making and the temperature control air tubes, which you can connect to the blanket during setup.

Smart bedding review

We were able to test out the percale duvet cover and top sheet set. While at first, we were curious as to how connecting the sheet with the duvet would work practically, it turned out to be really impressive technology. You even have the option of unsnapping some of the top clasps to push away the top half of the duvet. The best part is in the morning, making the bed is a literal snap, all you have to do is pull the duvet back in place, and you are ready to go about your day. We loved the high-quality, comfortable fabric and the fact that we did not have to make our bed at all.

Smart bedding to choose from

Smart bedding #1 – Smartduvet Breeze

Smart bedding #1 – Smartduvet Breeze smart bedding - hqdefault - Smart bedding – buying guide and review on smart bedding

The SmartDuvet Breeze is a uniquely designed, lightweight sheet grid insert that is placed in between a duvet and duvet cover that not only supplies an extremely efficient self-making feature but also offers climate control over each half of the bed. The temperature and bed-making features are controlled with a small box that fits under the bed and adjusted with a smartphone app.  

Smart bedding #2 – Primary Goods

Smart bedding #2 – Primary Goods smart bedding - 51zgcjc1dUL - Smart bedding – buying guide and review on smart bedding

If you like sleeping with a top sheet, but hate how they bunch at your feet or need to be constantly re-aligned, Primary Good is a company that created a product to change just that. Their signature snap design renders bed-making a chore of the past.

Primary Goods offers 2 complete bedding sets, linen, and percale. You also have the option to buy individual items or smaller sets like their Top Sheet and Duvet cover set. Their linen bedding set is made from the highest grade 100% stonewashed French linen, and is engineered to last longer and gets softer every after wash. Their percale bedding, a type of cotton weave, brings the experience of sleeping at a 5-star hotel into your daily routine.

Smart bedding #3 – by Marshall and Jon

Smart bedding #3 – Smart Bedding by Marshall and Jon smart bedding - Smart Bedding kickstarter - Smart bedding – buying guide and review on smart bedding

Smart bedding by Marshall and Jon is a complete set of bedding fitted sheet, top sheet, and duvet cover and pillowcases.  The pieces are hundred percent French linen, it is the best material for bedding since it’s stronger, more breathable and lasts longer than cotton.

Smart bedding for better sleep

Smart bedding’s purpose is to give you less time in the morning to make your bed and go on with your busy day. Smart bedding is great, but how does it really affect your sleep? As mentioned above some beddings come with climate control, which you could manually set to your preferred temperature while you sleep. Although we have tried bedding on our own, we loved the fact that we did not have to make our beds or at least took less time in making our beds in the morning. If you are looking for comfortable beddings you could go for smart bedding. But if you need to improve your quality sleep, end sleepless nights, and take care of your overall well-being and health. It is best to look beyond bed accessories and check your sleep hygiene, sleep habits and lifestyle to truly address your sleeping problems.

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