Top 5 Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

How Do Sleep Trackers Work?

A good sleep always results in a good quality of life and better health. To monitor sleep quality you do every day, many people use sleep tech such as sleep trackers that let you know how deep and restful your sleep is. Sleep trackers are known to help achieve quality sleep and choosing the top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers is one good way.

Sleep trackers collect data during your sleep. Wearable sleep trackers and non-wearable sleep type of sleep trackers have different ways to gather data during sleep. Detecting your movement during sleep is one of the main works of sleep trackers. Sleep trackers have an accelerometer in the device that tracks your movements. Non-wearable sleep trackers also use movement sensors to detect the statistics of your sleep. Non-wearable sleep trackers usually use ballistocardiography (BCG) to help track your heart rate. BCG counts little movements of your body that happens when the heartbeats.

features of Sleep Trackers

Before buying a sleep tracker, always make sure that you were able to check its features. Take on a look at the following features of a good sleep tracker.

  1. Sleep trackers can track other details. Aside from your sleep movements, sleep trackers can monitor your breathing and heart rate for data analysis. You can also check on sleep trackers that monitor sound levels, lighting levels, room temperature, and air quality.
  2. Sleep trackers have advanced analytics. They just don’t gather data but helps you understand what they mean. The best sleep trackers give you a clear analysis of the duration of your sleep, the rate of your sleep, and day to day comparisons of the level of sleep you made.
  3. Sleep trackers are useful alarms. A lot of sleep trackers use data so you can wake up on the time that fits your sleep cycle. It wakes you up once it detects that you have completed a particular sleep stage.
  4. Sleep trackers have good designs and are comfortable. The top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers have the best designs and are comfortable. They do not disturb your sleep and have the feeling of comfort you need.
  5. Sleep trackers should be connected to the quality smartphone app. Sleep trackers have access to an app or website where you can view your sleep data.  It is great to download apps that are easy to use and are visually appealing.

Focus on Non-wearable Sleep Trackers

Non-wearable sleep trackers are not directly attached to your body. The top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers are known to help people who are seriously monitoring sleep. Some are attached to your bed and others can be placed on a nightstand or the nearest table to your bed. Non-wearable sleep trackers use different sensors to monitor your movement, heart rate, and breath. Some have other features to also track the temperature, sound, and lighting in your bedroom. These features can also provide more data to help enhance the sleep environment.

The market has a lot of products to offer for both wearable and non-wearable sleep trackers. You will also find out the top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers where you can choose the best that fits you.

top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers non-wearable sleep trackers - resmed 300x234 - Top 5 Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

1.ResMed S + By Personal Sleep Solution

This gadget for sleep tracks your breathing patterns and body movements while are sleeping. Simply place the sensor on the hard surface then point it towards your bed. It is used to generate your sleep score. If your score is high, the quality of your sleep is better. In addition, it can log other factors that can affect sleep such as light levels, noise levels, and room temperature in order to provide personalized feedback. The data will be sync in your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet which means you easily see all the information in a visual format via the mobile app.

non-wearable sleep trackers - Beautyrest 300x189 - Top 5 Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

2.Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor

Beautyrest Sleeptracker Monitor is non-wearable which means it does not need you to slip on a wristband, headband, ring or wear any other sleep tracker devices. It is powered on all the time then it will sense if you get into your bed and start breathing in which it interprets a sleep. It will automatically start recording once it is set up. This sleep tracker uses artificial intelligence in order to analyze your sleep data and provides you steps on how to improve your sleep score every night.

non-wearable sleep trackers - withings alexa - Top 5 Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

3.Withings Sleep Tracking Pad

Withings Sleep Tracking Pad is recommended to individuals who don’t want to wear sleep tracking devices but they still want to monitor their sleep at night. Once it is set-up, it does not require any human intervention. The data gathered by this device is perceptive and it can help improve the quality of an individual’s sleep. There’s nothing to worry about the battery life because it is directly plugged into the power outlet.

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4.SleepScore Labs Max Sleep Tracking Device

SleepScore Max is one of the most advanced sleep improvement systems today. It provides accurate sleep tracking that is nest to the clinical sleep measures. It does not require you to wear it or place it on your bed. The SleepScore Max sensor can be placed on the side table of your bed. The sensor will measure the quality and quantity of your sleep. Every morning, the app allows you to see your quality scores, personalized insights as well as the advice on how to improve your sleep.

non-wearable sleep trackers - 2019 08 23 1146 - Top 5 Non-Wearable Sleep Trackers

5.Emfit QS Under Mattress Sleep Tracker with HRV

The Emfit QS is the best alternative for individuals who want a contactless sleep monitor. It automatically starts monitoring when you get into bed. This sleep tracker can be used by two people at the same time. This device is the only sleep tracking solution that offers a comprehensive way to monitor the biomarker that is known as HRV (Heart Rate Variability). Just lie down and this device will directly connect to your home Wifi to be able to immediately access your sleep data through the web platform.

Check Reviews and Information

Considering one of the top 5 non-wearable sleep trackers may count some costs but are worth buying to help solve sleep problems. It is important to be armed with clear product reviews and information before buying one. Investing to get better sleep means enjoying a restful sleep and getting a healthier mind and body.