Top 4 sound machine reviews and buying guide

Sound Machine helps you fall and stay asleep

Sleeping is very important to us since it gives relaxation to our mind and body. Lack of sleep will affect our performance at work, in school and at risk of health problems. That’s why many are sick now because of having not enough sleep at night. Sleeping in the day time is different from night time as you are changing the body clock that will lead you to have high blood pressure, diabetes and more. So, other people opt to have a sleep gadget like a sound machine to have a good snooze at night. It’s proven safe and effective for babies, kids, and adults too and recommended by some doctors.

The benefits of an electric sound machine are:

  1. It can block out the noise from the outside such as the sounds of sirens, car alarms, noisy parties, and traffic – they are all muted.
  2. It can help sleep better even your partner has nocturnal noises like talking while sleeping, snoring and other audible sounds.
  3. It has a consistent sound that can help you stay asleep which means sudden noises won’t wake you up by using the sound machine.
  4. It has a sound of whooshing that has been set in the sound machine that mimics the soothing vocalizations of your parents when you were a baby. By hearing such sound all night, it can help you sleep easily and stay asleep as well.

The writer of WIRED Emily Dreyfuss said that none of us get to have enough sleep at night. Experiencing sleepless nights can damage our health and a risk to your safety in the morning commute. A sound machine that’s also called a white-noise machine or a sleep machine is one of the high-tech sleep gadgets. It can help you achieve better sleep at night because it blocks the noise from your neighbor so also to your husband’s snore. Better try these sound machines to be able to get a good night’s sleep.

Sound machine – 1. LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine

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This is a sleep sound machine that uses the state-of-the-art technology in order to produce a dynamic, realistic fan sounds, white noises and there’s an ocean sound that can help block the disturbing noises so that you can relax, focus on the things you do and fall asleep faster. It features multiple sound choices that include brown, pink, pure white noises so also fan sounds. By using this sound machine, you can definitely relax and sleep while listening to your favorite sound. It can be put in your bedroom, living room even when you are traveling as it provides you a night of quality sleep.


Sound machine – 2. Marpac Dohm All Natural Sound Machine

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Marpac Rohm is a portable electronic sound machine that is suitable for traveling or on-the-go usage. It is designed to mask the noises anyplace in any time of the day and night. Also, it creates a calming, constant sound environment for sleep, confidentiality or concentration. The good thing about this machine sound is it allows you to control your sound environment to be able to sleep well at night without any interruption. Also, it is the Official Sound Conditioner of the National Sleep Foundation and it includes a special pediatric Sleep101 guide from NSF.

Sound machine – 3. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

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Rest Sound Machine is a nightlight and sound machine which can be the program in your phone and can be controlled remotely or simply by touching it. It is designed to generate a custom sleeping environment for your little ones. Individuals can choose from the pre-programmed light as well as the sound themes that are designed to promote a healthy circadian rhythm and production of the melatonin. You can adjust its hues, brightness, and sounds in order to suit needs or perhaps make your own themes. Also, its shining light is best for nursing your baby during the night. Parents can control this sound machine remotely through the phone app and it can eliminate the risk of waking up the little ones by entering inside the room.

Sound machine – 4. Google Home Mini Smart Speaker

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This is recommended to adults who have trouble getting a goodnight’s sleep. It’s capable of white noise and has many features that will keep you relax and experience better sleep. It has a smart speaker that will do your simple command by saying “Hey Google, I want to relax” then it will provide you 12 hours of ambient noise if you will not stop it. You can also say “please play rain sounds, country night sounds, fireplace sounds or babbling brook sounds”. The google speakers will allow you to create a bedtime routine. The features will work on any Google Speaker and you can also search for and play the white-noise playlists on Spotify and more.

Sound Machine provides a better sleep

In addition, before buying a sleep gadget like a sound machine makes sure to read its sleep guide, product reviews and feedback from the user to be able to find the best one for you and your family. Our goal is to experience better sleep at night and we can achieve that by using the sound machine that’s available in the market today.