Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

Sleeping Sound Machines can Block the noise from the outside

Making the best sleep environment for yourself is hard. A few individuals might lower the air conditioner in their homes to be able to obtain a comfortable temperature by getting the ideal mattress, effective cooling pillow and blackout curtains that can block out the light from the outdoor. However, we cannot stop the noise from the loud neighbors, sirens during the night and the twittering birds outside the window. That’s the reason sleeping sound machines were created. Since we are living in high tech world, it’s easy to invent this sleeping product that can help individuals fall asleep and stay asleep. They can choose from different sounds such as the sound from the ocean, chirping birds or sound of the insects in the forest and more. By listening to those sounds, they were able to drift off to dreamland easily.

Guide in Buying Sleep Sound Machines

Choose the Color Noise that you want

There are three different types of noises that you can find in sound machines such as white, pink and brown. Individuals can hear a static sound if they turn off a radio and that’s white noise. The mixture of high and low frequencies that should sound more natural than the white noise is the pink noise. Brown noise has few high frequencies compared to white and pink noise, its sound is rough similar to a strong wind.

Check if the sound machine has an Auto Shut-off Selection

Most of the sound machines provide you the choices to play the noise throughout the night or perhaps set it for a certain period of time. Individuals must make a decision that works well for them. However, consider in setting it for 30 minutes because it’s usual to fall asleep after 15 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, if you are waking up in the midnight, better set it to play throughout the night.

Ponder the Special Features

Individuals must check the reviews of several customers before purchasing it plus consider its special features. Numerous sound machines have a function that you can meditate and has dozens of sounds selections, some have few or just one feature. By doing that you will find some sound machine’s features are useful and helpful to you.

One way of having a good day is obtained when you get a good night sleep. What people do, think, and feel during the daytime affects the quality and quantity of sleep we get at night. However, you might be easily disturbed by a noisy roommate, a partner, a pet, or any sounds you might be hearing from your environment just the time you lie down on your comfortable bed.

If you are experiencing this every night, then, sound machines might be helpful for you and your whole family’s snoozing time.

Sleeping Sound Machines #1 Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

Sleeping Sound Machines sleeping sound machines - Big Red - Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

The Big red Rooster has a White Noise Machine that features six sound options and loud volumes. It works with the normal batteries or a USB cable plus it has automatic off timers from 15 to 30 minutes and can play continuously. This sound machine is small and portable so you can bring it anywhere you go, vacation or road trip even family adventure. Also, it has a reasonable sound quality on low to medium volume and each sound has a big, labeled button which means easy to operate. It’s recommended to those who are looking for a cheaper one but with great features.

Sleeping Sound Machines #2 Sontech SonWave – White Noise Sound Machine

sleeping sound machines - sonwave 1 - Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

The Sontech SonWave – White Noise Sound Machine features 100 soothing white noise and sound options. This sound machine for sleep has many features that you’ll surely love to have that include White Noise, Pink Noise, Brown Noise, Gray Noise, Ocean, Tropical Forest, Brook, Wind, Thunder or Rain. It can continuously play for it’s non-stop and has an automatic off timer selection for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. With its soothing sound, your baby will be calm and put his or to sleep at any time. It’s also compacts and lightweight, you can bring this sound machine in your next vacation or family adventure. For sure, your baby and the whole family will have a good sleep all night with this sound machine.

Sleeping Sound Machines #3 Dreamegg D1 White Noise Machine

sleeping sound machines - egg - Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

Dreamegg introduce D1 White Noise Machine in the market then it became popular to those who have insomnia or sleep disorder. Its features include 24 Hifi soothing sounds, non-stop or timer, calming warm night light and different volume levels. This sound machine for sleep is compact and lightweight plus has a headphone jack powered by AC which is best for your little ones so also to adults. Also, it has 24 soothing sounds such as seven white noise, seven fan sounds and ten relaxing sounds that includes the sounds of the bird, wave, brook, sea, lullaby, cricket, rain and more suitable for your baby and to the whole family. Better include this on your list now, you’ll surely get a sound sleep at night.

Sleeping Sound Machines #4 AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping

sleeping sound machines - Avantek - Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine for Sleeping comes with nature sounds that has 18 variations that include rain, brook and ocean. It has also six white noise and six fan sounds that can aid in masking the outside noise. This sleeping sound machine is portable and has a rechargeable battery, automatic shut-off timers plus clear speaker quality. Also, it has a headphone jack to be able to listen in private plus excellent maximum volume. Better own one to experience a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Sound Machines #5 HoMedics Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine

sleeping sound machines - Homedics - Top 5 sleeping SOUND MACHINES TO help you fall and stay asleep

HoMedics created a sound machine Recharged Alarm Clock and Sound Machine. It has a contemporary design and its sounds are excellent. This sound machine has great features that includes digital FM radio, alarm, projection clock, sleep sound machine, thermometer and a smart phone holder. Its clock radio has 5 different sleep cycle modes plus an automatic off function after 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes that can save energy and you don’t need to stand up to turn it off. Also, it comes with eight digital recorded music that can help you relax and fall asleep faster and deeper. Better try this sleeping sound machine, you’ll have a peaceful sleep throughout the night for sure.

Sleeping Sound Machines – Sleeping as an important activity in a day

Sleeping is one of the most important activities we do in a day and it is essential for our health to have a quality one. The health benefits that we can get from a good sleep results to a good performance we can do for the whole day’s work.  The sound that we hear during bedtime affects the quality of sleep that we get every day, therefore, it is always necessary to get a good sleeping sound machines products that will help get a better and sound sleep.