Top 6 Memory Foam Pillow Review and buying guide

Memory Foam Pillow – better at contouring to your specific needs

Better sleep will be achieved if you have found a great pillow that can support your head and neck without having a stiff neck or upper back sore after getting up from the bed. Well, a memory foam pillow is what you are looking for. A few individuals would go to an actual store or to shop online to save time. It’s better to go to a store because you can feel the softness or firmness of the pillow wherein you can compare to other pillows and contrast. However, the real test will be at home, of course on your bed every night as it will depend on your sleep habits.

What are the reasons to buy a pillow?

  • No one would want to feel like they’re sleeping on an old, lumpy and has a bag of rocks inside the pillow. You may notice that the quality of your old pillow is heading downhill quickly and it’s becoming more painful in your neck. If you feel the clumps and lumps in your pillow, better get a new one.
  • If you are waking up with neck, shoulder and upper back pain constantly, these are the signs that you need a new pillow. The best solution to this is to find a pillow that is more suitable in your favorite position in sleeping. Also, help to support your head and relieve pressure as well.
  • Moving into a new home means you need a new pillow because it’s time to upgrade your bedroom essentials. For sure, you want to sleep better with your new bedroom so it’s the right time to find a pillow that suits your preferences.
  • If you are buying a new mattress then possibly you want a new pillow too. You’ll have more energy if you have a good sleep at night so also in a good mood and can handle everyday stress from work, school and business.

Are you having a stiff neck and pain in your upper back, you feel unrested due to your head is not supported sufficiently? Perhaps you need a memory foam pillow to avoid such circumstances. Better switch to the best pillows that will give you better sleep at night. Here’s some list of memory foam pillows that you can buy in the market today.

Memory Foam Pillow – 1. Coop Home Goods Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

memory foam pillow memory foam pillow - COOP 300x242 - Top 6 Memory Foam Pillow Review and buying guide

It’s known for being the best-shredded option in the marketplace. This memory foam pillow is extremely customizable in regards to its firmness and loft. It has a zipper in the inner case that can be open and fill with some shredded foam. According to the manufacturer, the shred is made from a premium grade propriety foam blend. Also, the removable cover is hypoallergenic that’s easy to clean. The inner case is tightly woven. In addition, it is made up of 40% bamboo-rayon and 60% polyester that would keep the pillow cool during your sleep.

Memory Foam Pillow – 2.Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam

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This memory foam pillow is comparable to the down pillow because it never goes flat. It’s customizable in its height and firmness that will increase or decrease the amount of the shredded foam inside. The shredded foam is encased by the inner cover and breathable. The outer cover can be washable in the machine and helps increase breathability that makes it a cool pillow.

Memory Foam Pillow – 3.MALOUF Z Zoned DOUGH Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillow - Dough 300x131 - Top 6 Memory Foam Pillow Review and buying guide

This memory foam pillow supports the head with the larger holes on the inside and the smaller holes on the outside are supporting the neck. The Dough® formula makes a softer and more supportive memory foam. Also, it has a removable cover with higher moisture-management properties that helps in optimal sleeping temperature.

Memory Foam Pillow – 4.SleepBetter Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

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This memory foam pillow is manufactured by SleepBetter and employs 100% Visco-elastic foam Active Air Technology. It allows better airflow that leads to a cooler night’s sleep. The design is gusseted, it means that it’s made with an extra material on its side that becomes thick. Also, the form is consists of microscopic Phase Change Materia beds that alter to regulate the temperature of your body all night.

Memory Foam Pillow – 5.Elite Rest Contour Sleeper – Memory Foam Pillow

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For those who sleep on their side, this the ideal choice for you. Side sleepers would want to rest their heads in the “neutral” position, neck and spine are aligned. Elite Rest wanted to provide specific support. The height is different at each end, one end is 2.75 inches tall and the other is 4 inches that provide a customizable comfort for your spine and neck. This memory foam pillow is one of the softest among others.

Memory Foam Pillow – 6.Classic Brands Conforma Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

memory foam pillow - Conforma 300x210 - Top 6 Memory Foam Pillow Review and buying guide

This is a traditional pillow and ideal for numerous sleeping habits. It’s taller compared to other pillows as it reaches to 5-inch loft that’s good for both back and side sleepers. It has a unique design, there’s a pattern of the hole that can keep your head cool while giving air to your neck and head support. The aerated design of this pillow aims to vanish the body heat and allow air to travel in the material.

Memory Foam Pillow for a good night’s sleep

Indeed, the best pillows contribute to better sleep. Choose a memory foam pillow because it’s proven that it can give you good night sleep and can prevent you from having a stiff neck and sore in the upper back. For sure, you can perform well in school, office, and business because you have enough snooze last night.