Sleep tech – Best sleep tech in 2019 that help you sleep better

Sleep tech – Tech to help you sleep better

One-third of adults were not able to get the recommended 7 or more hours of sleep at night according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. With the help of sleep tech, it’s possible to get a quality sleep that you’re longing for a long time. Sleep gadgets are becoming popular nowadays because of the benefits it gives to individuals who are having a sleeping disorder.

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Moreover, several companies are inspired to manufacture more sleep tech for 2019 because of the sales they got last year which means it’s really effective to their customers and guaranteed satisfaction. Try to check this best sleep tech in 2019, surely it makes you fall asleep faster and stays asleep too.

Sleep tech – 1. Contactless Sleep Trackers

For those who want to track their sleep but don’t like to have a phone with them or wear something on their wrist while sleeping. Well, Max is recommended for you. It’s a contactless sleep tracker that was developed by the SleepScore Labs that will sit on your nightstand and it looks like a grey speaker. It tracks your sleep by sending the radio waves that will monitor your breathing pattern. This sleep tech will give personalized feedback every morning and gives you helpful suggestions on how to improve your sleeping habit.

Sleep tech – 2. Smart Lights

Exposure to artificial light can disturb circadian rhythms and make sleep more complicated but Smart lights can help you. Phillips Hue Smart lights are one of the best smart lights in the market. By using the Hue app from your tablet or smartphone, you can program the light to fade in the morning to mimic the effect of sunrise then set the light to warmer tones to be able to relax in the morning. Also, schedule a time to turn the lights off. In addition, this sleep gadget can also pair with smart home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Sleep tech – 3. Smart Masks

Sleep Masks can do more than helping the block out light nowadays. The Dreamlight smart sleep mask can track the sleep patterns and use an accompanying app that gives you an important status such as the number of hours that you spend in light, deep sleep and the average heart rate during the night. Based on your sleep data, it will give you some suggestions to improve your sleep while using light and sound features that are incorporated into the sleep mask. Pick from nature or white noise sounds that will activate during the sleep stages and choose specific colors like green and orange. These colors are shown to help you fall asleep and wake up correspondingly.

Sleep tech – 4. Smart Headbands

This functions the same as a sleep mask but you will not wear over your eyes. Phillips SmartSleep headband promised to improve the quality of your sleep by using the sensors in the headband that can monitor your sleeping patterns so also produce special sounds that enhance the slow waves of your brain during deep sleep.   

Sleep tech –5. Sleep Robots

This sleep tech was introduced at 2018 CES which is the world’s first sleep robot made by the Dutch start-up Somnox. It looks like a large, ergonomically-shaped grey bean that you will want to hug and spoon with. However, this high-tech cuddle buddy uses a comforting sound so also rhythmic breathing that can make you fall asleep.

Sleep techit can improve your life

Perhaps you’re interested and excited to try these sleep gadgets to be able to know if it works with you. Well, it’s better to try to be able to determine if it fits your lifestyle so also to know if it helps improve the quality of your sleep. Before purchasing one, it’s also good to read some product reviews and feedback so that you have an idea on how to use it and to know its features. Of course, the more you sleep the better.

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