Smart mattress– review on smart mattress and its features

Smart Mattress – How they work

You probably already have a device to track your sleep. You might even have a sleep tracker in your bedroom. Thanks to modern technology, the smart mattress is available today to track your sleep, heart rate, along with other features such as temperature adjustments, auto recline, and much more.

As promising as that sounds, however, understand that the smart bed industry is still in its infancy, which means that there is no clear-cut narrative as to what a smart bed should or shouldn’t do. It is simply a matter of personal preference, on what you want your bed to do for you, to get a better sleep every night.

Smart mattress – the different features

Smart mattress – the different features

Like any other smart devices smart beds comes with its own amazing features. However, there aren’t any clear-cut guidelines as to what a smart bed should or shouldn’t do, a number of companies, most of which are still in their start-up phase, have developed their own version of what smart sleeping technology looks like. Still, there are a few features that most smart beds share in common. These are:

  • Smart mattress Sleep tracking – The ability to keep track of how well you sleep is literally the most distinguishing aspect of a smart mattress as opposed to a regular one. Using a single sheet of smart fabric, or several sensors spread throughout the bed, the smart mattress track a variety of information such as respiration, heartbeat, sleep restfulness, and body pressure to determine how to give you the best and most comfortable sleep.
  • Smart Mattress Temperature control – Smart beds sometimes come integrated with a built-in thermostat, which allows you to regulate the temperature of the mattress during sleep.
  • Smart mattress Air Chambers – Inflated air tubes inside the mattress come packed with pressure sensors that allow it to adjust to your body posture while you sleep. These are air tubes, they can also be controlled remotely via the smart bed’s own app.
  • Smart mattress App Integration – Your smart mattress connects seamlessly via the internet of things to a heap of other smart home gadgets and applications, including virtual assistants, thermostats, smart lights, coffee makers, and television sets. Allowing you to control all these different devices without even getting up.

Smart mattress – why you need one?

The smart mattress is like memory foam mattresses, only a whole lot smarter. They track your sleep stats like a health tracker, adjust according to your position preferences, and some even connect to smart home devices so you can cool automation like starting your coffee brewer right after you wake up.

If you are desperate to finally get that good night’s sleep, if you are sick of having to deal with body pains that won’t go away after you wake up, if you want your sleeping partner to stop snoring so you can finally sleep in peace or if you just want to get the best sleep of your life, then a smart bed is a must-have.

Sleep mattress – the top 3 sleep mattress on the market today

These products are still relatively new, and some brands have done a better job than others at executing the promise of a virtual sleeping assistant.

Sleep Mattress #1 – Eight sleep’s the pod

Eight Sleep’s The Pod

Read full review Eight Sleep

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Sleep Mattress #2 – Sleep Number SleepIQ

SleepIQ which is available on all Sleep Number beds is an application that helps you monitor a complete picture of your daily life and how the choices are affecting your sleep. Like many of the other products on this list, this bed tracks sleep patterns at night and give you valuable information about the quality of your sleep. Additionally, this application allows you to track your actions throughout the day to see how those adjustments affect your sleep.

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Pros: PartnerSnore Technology is probably the best feature that this bed has. This feature lets you gently raise your partner’s head so the snoring minimizes, or better yet, stops completely. Get this smart bed if the reason for your sleepless nights is your partner’s snoring.

Cons: Can be uncomfortable for people who are petite.

Sleep Mattress #3 – Rest Bed

A complete mattress set that responds to your body’s needs while you sleep, this is the bed of the future. The RestBed has a special cooling and pressure devices that adjust to suit each area of your body, from head to toes with extreme detail. The mattress can be set to automatically adjust to your needs throughout the night or can be manually set before bedtime. It also has the ability to connect with other smart home products, much like the Eight Cover.

Pros:  Although this is a very expensive option but is incredibly comprehensive, it has temperature and pressure controls which can automatically adjust to your needs all throughout the night. If you are looking for the perfect sleep, then this is the one for you. When it comes to materials, The Rest Bed is made of soft, elastic, and breathable Lycra material. It adjusts to different firmness for different body zones, and this has Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with other smart home devices.

Cons: It is very expensive

The best smart mattress comparison below.

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