Stay cool this summer with this Gravity Cooling Blanket

Gravity Cooling Blanket can keep you cool this summer

You might’ve heard of weighted blankets that do just more than an ordinary blanket with its incredible features. Specifically, the weighted blankets work through deep pressure touch stimulation therapy that helps you relax and calm for better sleep. This technique is similar to the effect you get by swaddling babies or putting dogs in “thunder jackets”. Light touches can alert the nervous system, whereas deep pressure like a heavy blanket, applies a relaxing effect on the body. Deep pressure helps the nervous system to relax, reduce stress hormones, and produce more serotonin and dopamine which are hormones that promote relaxation and regulate our moods. The serotonin produced by the process converts to melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. Overall, weighted blankets also help you fall asleep – a good sleep. Just like the gravity cooling blanket that can keep you cool during the summer season, perhaps it’s new to you. Well, it is now becoming popular because it’s different from the weighted blankets we usually used, it can keep us warm during the winter season but this one is amazing. The companies who are manufacturing bedding products made this type of blanket so that even if it’s summer, you can still get a goodnight’s rest with the cooling blanket.

Gravity Cooling Blanket is a great reliever

Gravity Cooling Blanket
This is also why the type of blanket is also great for those who suffer from sensory disorders, anxiety, autism, insomnia, and more. They are pretty effective, and it’s a way to encourage calmness and relaxation without taking any medications, just purely in natural ways. They aren’t too expensive and if you think they are, there are some that will make it worthy. They incredibly go well with any bedroom setup.

How to choose a weighted blanket?

When choosing a weighted blanket for yourself, try to aim for a weight that’s near or exactly 10% of your own body weight. Some people might like something heavier though, something to make it harder to roll over or make you feel trapped. If that’s your case, you can opt for a lighter weighted blanket. There are lots of choices in the market so there’s really nothing to worry about, it won’t be too hard to find something that fits your liking. However, there are some that just outdo the others with better qualities and attributes.

Benefits of using a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are in demand for many years until now due to it has a calming effect that can give you better sleep all night. Occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets for a long time. This type of blanket is good for kids and to adults too that has sensory processing disorders. The weighted blanket usually works using a deep touch pressure and calls it a type of tactile sensation according to occupational therapists. However, ordinary people can get benefit from using a weighted blanket by their bed.

Calming effect – One of the occupational therapists said that deep touch pressure is one of the primary kinds of sensory information that can help calm and organize your sensory nervous system. Its pressure that you can get from the weighted blankets and deep touch pressure provides you an optimal calming sensation.

Feel like a hug – Whenever you use weighted blankets you will feel like someone is holding you. You will feel like you are getting the best comforting hug without the feeling of being controlled and hot. There are some weighted blankets that are filled with small beads that are made of glass, plastic, or sand which you feel like having a hug without someone touching you.

Reduce stress and anxiety – If you are feeling exhausted from a long day of work, perhaps cuddling up on your couch with a weighted blanket while watching your favorite TV drama or movie can help you relax. According to an occupational therapist, under the weighted blanket, you’ll feel good even if you are not experiencing an anxiety disorder. Weighted blankets are safe to use. Just make sure that you go for 10% of the weight of your body. Like for example, if you weigh 150 pounds then get a 15-pound weighted blanket. However, if you are seeking relief from the medical condition, better speak to your doctor before buying a weighted blanket.

Improve sleep quality – For those who have difficulties falling or staying asleep during the night, they noticed that using weighted blankets can help improve sleep. There are some users said that it is comfortable and they fell asleep even if they are not tired. Also, noticed that they were able to get a deep sleep and never wake up at the midnight, such a goodnight’s sleep.

Weighted blankets are becoming popular, for sure you can find the best one that suits your preferences. Here are different variables that you should look for when buying a weighted blanket.

Size – Numbers of weighted blankets come in one size but there are a few that are available in many sizes. Ensure that the weighted blanket you have picked will not hang off the bed so that the extra weight won’t pull it off your body. Choose the right size for your bed to obtain a comfortable sleep.

Weight – Weighted blankets usually weigh from ten to twenty pounds but because of the weight distribution, you can feel the pressure with the 15-pound twin-size weighted blanket compared to a king-size blanket of similar weight.

Material – This type of blanket comes in different types of fabric that range from microfiber to a cooling fabric which is good for the sweaty sleepers. Most of the weighted blankets are machine-washable so no worries of putting a 15-pound blanket in your washing machine, it will not break.

Price – It does not matter with how much is your budget in buying a weighted blanket because there’s always one for you. You can buy a weighted blanket that will fit your finances as long as you are willing to invest to be able to get a better sleep experience every night.

Gravity Cooling Blanket features

Gravity Blanket
A weighted blanket we love is the Gravity Cooling Blanket that will surprise you with its many features including its cooling effect that’s just the perfect thing for this hot summer. It’s different from most as it uses glass beads instead of plastic poly pellets for a better experience since glass beads are smaller and denser, making the blanket less bulky. The duvet cover is made with a breathable polyester-spandex blend to wick moisture away from the body during use to keep you from overheating, and it also encourages airflow. It has two types of internal clasps that keep the blanket soundly in place inside the duvet cover. Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket also features gridded-stitching which ensures that the plastic poly-pellets inside the weighted blanket remain uniformly distributed. Most of its features are made to give it a cooler feel, unlike usually weighted blankets. It comes in 15, 20, or 25 lbs that is decided according to your choice, in a fixed size of 72″ by 48″. You can buy it in different hues, namely white, gray, and navy.

Feedback of using Gravity Cooling Blanket

According to those who experienced using the Gravity Cooling Blanket, it does keep you well-regulated throughout the night, which is already expected from this excellent blanket. It isn’t exactly like the cold side of the pillow all the time though, it’s more like a cool, silky, and breathable feel at first touch. The cooling is rather subtle but still very effective. It’s pricing is reasonable too, if you’re able to get up to $200. Compared to other weighted blankets, it is said to be one of the best ones you could find in the market. If you care much about the setup of your room, this blanket is quite unnoticeable so you don’t need to worry about that. It looks just as fresh and fine as any other. You’ll learn more about this bedding product in Gravity Cooling Blanket review.

Gravity Cooling Blanket is worth buying

The Gravity Cooling Blanket is definitely worth your money if you want to experience the benefits of a weighted blanket but don’t want to risk having to turn your air conditioner up all the time. It’s really perfect for this summer season that either started already or is still coming, especially with its cooling effect that you can rarely find in other weighted blankets. No doubt it is a good investment to try and it won’t disappoint you. If you’re looking for a blanket that will help you stay cool and fresh this summer, Gravity Weighted Cooling Blanket will do the job for you. With its great features, you will definitely get a good sleep during the night even in the hot season. This blanket can let you rest on the couch while watching Netflix, such a wonderful day for you. However, make sure you have chosen the perfect weighted blanket for you by checking the size, weight, material, and price to be able to get satisfaction. Better get one for yourself now!