The New Bed Platform Foundation Review: How to pick the right bed platforms for your kids

The New Bed Platform FoundationThe advantages of having a bed foundation

Being able to sleep soundly for the rest of your life seems like a dream, right? Well, it probably is! Unfortunately, some people have trouble sleeping at night and rely on Sleep Therapy just so they could have a better night of sleep and there is nothing wrong about that. What’s a little help if it will guide you through your dreamland, right? Going for a sleep sound machine, smart lights, aromatherapy and such are a great idea to help you put to sleep. The New Bed Platform Foundation might be a great help to this task. It may not be sleep therapy but it will surely help.

You might be thinking how does a foundation help you to sleep better? Well, for starters, we invest in mattresses. Great mattresses help us sleep better at night and we are never complaining about it. But after acquiring the best mattress there is, it is necessary to take good care of it, right? What you can do is have a mattress protector and a sturdy and amazing bed foundation as saying in The New Bed Platform Foundation review.
Platform Foundation
According to the Savvyrest, here are the top 6 reasons to love a platform bed:

1. No “spacer” needed
No box spring or foundation is needed to support a mattress on a platform bed. Strong, closely-spaced slats support the mattress, or in some cases a solid platform. Many design-minded people also appreciate the sleeker, less bulky profile these beds offer like the New Bed Platform Foundation. Note that slatted designs provide better air circulation for mattresses than solid platforms do.

2. The height you like
Many (but not all) platform beds are closer to the floor than traditional styles. This increases the perceived height of the ceiling and can make a bedroom feel more spacious like the 5 little monkeys the New Bed Platform Foundation. But don’t worry—if you still want regular bed height to ease getting in and out, or just prefer it for your decor, you can find many platform models designed to standard height. (Also see A Note on Bed Height, below.)

3. A natural look
The simplicity of a lower bed is reminiscent of Asian decor, and for many people, it conjures up a more grounded, elemental atmosphere for sleep as said in the New Bed Platform Foundation review. Something about rolling to your feet from a low platform bed makes heading for the yoga mat or into your morning stretch routine feel right. Many platform bed designers incorporate natural materials and non-toxic finishes that enhance a natural bedroom theme.

4. Simple storage
Some platform beds are available with optional or built-in drawers or shelves under the bed. These maximize storage and help you reduce bedroom clutter—an important measure for sounder, more restful sleep. You might even use under bed drawers instead of a separate dresser, whether because you like a minimalist aesthetic or simply want to increase floor space in a small bedroom. The New Bed Platform Foundation review has a wide space under it so it is a great storage space, too!

5. Strength and durability
Unlike a box spring, which will sag in time as its coils lose strength, a well-built platform bed will last indefinitely and support generations of sleepers. It’s important that the slats be thick enough to support the combined weight of mattress and people, and that the frame’s connectors be strong as saying in the New Bed Platform Foundation review. Avoid glue and staple construction, which often develops squeaks. Choose high-quality materials and construction and your platform bed should last for many, many years.

6. Adaptable to your budget
Depending on the manufacturer, materials, and design, platform beds can be inexpensive or high-end. Their simple function makes them a versatile opportunity for furniture designers like the New Bed Platform Foundation. There are countless styles available,  from basic models with or without headboards to dazzling concepts for a contemporary home. What’s most important is to choose a brand that is well made from beautiful, reliable materials.

How to pick the right bed platforms for your kids

Platform Foundation
Now that you are completely aware that the bed platform is a great platform that you will be wanting in your own homes, you might be in a hurry to pick which one will suit you best. Before you go and purchase the first thing you see on the internet, let us be a help in guiding you to the bed platform that you really need. Before you go and buy the bed platform that you are eyeing on for the longest time, better ask the questions below to your self and you’ll be on the right track. (Hint: The 5 little monkeys the New Bed Platform Foundation would be the perfect choice for your little one as it is designed specifically just for them!)

Now, here’s the buying guide to having the perfect bed platform foundation according to Cymax:

What Size of Platform Bed Do I Need?

Since you will be purchasing a platform bed to fit a particular mattress size, here is a brief outline of the most common sizes available like the New Bed Platform Foundation is a twin size bed at a sale price. While most manufacturers conform to standardized measurements, they also might offer “custom” sizes, ones that are slightly smaller or larger than industry standards; before making a final decision, make sure that you will be able to buy bedding for the size of mattress you have selected.

What Type of Platform Bed should I select?

Sleigh beds are characterized by elegant, curving lines and a distinctive, romantic feel. If you want the bed to be the dominant focal point of your bedroom, choose a taller headboard/footboard; if you want the feel of a sleigh bed but without the impact of showpiece furniture, select one with a shorter footboard as said in the New Bed Platform Foundation.

Even though a platform bed is lower to the floor than other types of beds, a four-poster bed creates a sense of drama in the room. Characterized by four posts at each corner, they can be of equal or varying height like the 5 little monkeys The New Bed Platform Foundation. For a variation on the four-poster bed while softening its visual effect, choose a panel bed with carved finials.

What Kind of Material Should I Choose?

Considered to be the most durable material for furniture, wood furniture is constructed from timber cut from the trunks of trees like beech, maple or oak. They are more expensive than engineered wood products, a typical bedroom set being anywhere from two to three times more expensive than a similar one made from MDF as said in The New Bed Platform Foundation review.

Known as engineered wood, MDF or medium-density fiberboard is made by gluing wood fibers together using heat and pressure. Because it is made from recycled materials, MDF is more affordable than solid wood but is just as strong and durable.

What Style of Platform Bed Should I Select?

There are some types of beds, like the sleigh bed and the four-poster bed that we immediately identify with the traditional style because of their silk finishes, graceful curves, and flowing lines. Inspired by the fashions, trends, and social customs of the past, traditional platform beds can vary from the elaborate fussiness of Victorian times to the less complicated ideals reflected in Colonial designs.

Casual style minimizes elaborate detail while featuring textured elements like clean lines, underscored by leather or metal accents. Additional elements such as rectangular insets and softly curved corners and legs contribute to the overall casual feel like The New Bed Platform Foundation. This style of furniture tends to be larger in scale, emphasizing comfort, and utility. A platform bed in the casual style is ideal for those who want their bedroom to possess the comfortable, relaxed look of contemporary but infused with traditional warmth.

The best bed foundation you could have

With all of those things mentioned, let us guide you to which is the best bed platform foundation that you should have especially if you are buying for your kids like the The New Bed Platform Foundation review.

The New Bed Platform Foundation would be the ideal foundation as it is specifically designed just for kids from 5 little monkeys. A bed platform foundation is ideal most especially that it has a lower height, making it extra safe for your little ones!

According to The New Bed Platform Foundation review, this foundation is made with the highest quality materials and is backed with a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind so that you will be assured that your little one will be in safe a safe bed for the longest time. You even do not have to worry about the design if it will fit well to your kid’s bed as it has a beautiful minimalist design that will surely fit the current design of your kid’s bedroom.

What we love about the 5 little monkeys The New Bed Platform Foundation, is that it has a versatile use. You can use it as it is, you can attach it to a headboard or you can use it as a case by removing the legs so that it has proper housing even while on the floor.

If you are looking for the best option for your foundation for your kiddos, The New Bed Platform Foundation would never be a failure!