Tree Napper Blanket – Eco-friendly weighted blanket made entirely from plant-based materials provides you comfort in sleeping

The benefits of sleeping with a weighted blanket

Having a great night of sleep is what we all desire and we would do anything to make that happen. (Hint: The use of the Tree Napper Blanket would be an awesome solution!) More and more people are having trouble sleeping at night and that is not great news. People need to have enough sleep every day to function well but with this issue, that may be a little difficult to achieve.

You may have heard of trying Sleep Therapy to help you fall asleep at night and that is not a bad idea! What can hurt with trying a sleep sound machine that produces white noise or natural noise that will help to keep you calm and fall asleep at night? Aromatherapy has also been recommended especially the lavender scent as it is proven to be relaxing and put you to sleep. A weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket would be a great help.

The one that tops it all is the use of a weighted blanket like the Bearaby Tree Napper. You may have heard what a weighted blanket is and our guess is that you haven’t heard the best things out of it. Do not worry. We are here to help you out!

Here are the benefits of having a weighted blanket according to the Dream Cloud Sleep:

Alleviates anxiety-induced insomnia
Cortisol is referred to as the stress hormone, which is produced when you are feeling stressed out. Our body produces this stress hormone when we are feeling nervous, anxious, or irritated. The problem is that when you have anxiety, this can lead to many sleepless nights, which can lead to insomnia as said in a Tree Napper Blanket review.

What happens is that your cortisol levels remain high, disrupting your sleep. The combination of anxiety and insomnia may have a huge effect on your health. However, it may be alleviated with the use of a weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket heavy on your body as it has been found to stimulate your feel-good hormones called dopamine; hence, potentially reducing cortisol levels in your body as said in a Tree Napper Blanket review.

Improves sleep quality
Those who have sensory issues or insomnia find themselves unable to get a restful sleep. One study that was published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders showed that the use of a heavy blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket prevented the participant from moving around, which improved their sleep.

Promotes melatonin production
Melatonin is a type of hormone that is known for promoting sleep and even helping with regulating our sleep cycle, or circadian rhythm according to a Tree Napper Blanket review. It appears that melatonin is linked to serotonin where, when it is triggered by the weight of a heavy weighted blanket, also causes melatonin to be produced. Melatonin levels have been found to increase with the use of deep touch pressure stimulation in patients who have sleep disorders like insomnia. If you wish to boost your serotonin and melatonin levels, then using a weighted blanket may help.

Mimics a hug
We often feel good when close family members and friends give us a hug. This is because the body releases oxytocin, which has been found to reduce one’s blood pressure, creates that feeling of relaxation, and even slows down the heart rate. This is the same feeling that you get when you are using a weighted blanket like the Bearaby Tree Napper, which helps your body go into a calm and relaxed state.

Lowers anxiety levels
As mentioned earlier, Anxiety disorders can have a huge impact on our lives, from interrupting our sleep to having sleep disorders, weight gain or weight loss, and even mood swings just to name a few. And if you think that adults are the only group of people who feel this, you might be surprised to find that children may have anxiety attacks too. There is some research that shows that the use of a weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket before stressful events may help calm the nervous system, potentially lowering anxiety levels. This is one of the most appealing weighted blanket benefits we have seen.

Alleviates obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD
Patients who are diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder often find relief when using a weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket because their serotonin levels go up due to the deep touch pressure coming from the weight of the poly pellets stored in the blanket as mentioned in a Tree Napper Blanket review. It has also been found to help alleviate some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, aggression, and even bipolar disorder. Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is often associated with those who are in the military, but it can also be triggered by a traumatic event in a person’s life.

How to pick the perfect weighted blanket for you

Picking the perfect weighted blanket might be a little difficult especially when you are new to these kinds of blankets. It’s okay. We have all been there. Let us help you find the best-weighted blanket like the Bearaby Tree Napper that will absolutely give you a great night of sleep.

Here is our buying guide on buying the perfect weighted blanket according to the Weighted Blanket Guide:

The Ten Percent Rule
A general rule-of-thumb for weighted blankets is 10 percent of the person’s body weight. For children, many occupational therapists recommend a blanket that is 10 percent of their body weight plus 1 to 2 additional pounds as seen on a Tree Napper Blanket. Remember, this formula is not really a “rule.” It is just a guide and the recommended starting point.

The purpose of a weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket is to provide comfort and, thereby, create body conditions conducive to sleep. If someone is uncomfortable due to a blanket that is too heavy, the weighted blanket will have a counterproductive result.

While a weighted blanket should not be so heavy that it is unmanageable, it also should be heavy enough to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to the body’s deep touch pressure points as said in a Tree Napper Blanket review.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for Couples?
It is very common to share a weighted blanket between couples like the Tree Napper Blanket. This is absolutely fine as long as both persons feel comfortable with the weight and size of the blanket, whether it be queen, king, or other sizes.

On the other hand, the weight of a blanket and its effectiveness largely depends on the individual using the blanket, it is not recommended that family or friends share weighted blankets with those who differ dramatically in size according to a Tree Napper Blanket review. For instance, parent co-sleeping with a child should not lay their 25-pound blanket over a 40-pound child. Conversely, a 240-pound adult will not benefit from a child’s six or eight-pound blanket.

Safety Concerns
First of all, children weighing less than 20 pounds should never use a weighted blanket of any kind. Children and infants under the age of two-years-old should not use weighted blankets, even if their body weight exceeds 20 pounds according to a Tree Napper Blanket review.

Children under the age of two do not yet possess the fine motor skills to instinctively adjust heavy blankets. A child could easily become overheated or fail to pull the blanket away from his or her face to breathe.

Choosing the Correct Size

Weighted blankets are available in a variety of sizes and dimensions like the Bearaby Tree Napper. Just like the weight, the dimensions of a weighted blanket are customizable and should fit the person underneath it. The 10 Percent Rule applies to weight and The Chin-to-Feet Rule applies to dimension.

Rather than shopping for a bed size such as twin, queen, or king, shop for the individual using the blanket. A weighted blanket like the Tree Napper Blanket should only be long enough to reach from a person’s chin to their feet. The width should be wide enough to comfortably cover the person underneath it.

The best-weighted blanket you could have

Choosing the perfect weighted blanket might be a difficult task especially if you are new to this kind. The Tree Napper Blanket would be a great option if you are looking for a great weighted blanket and still provides you breathability because you are not a fan of warm temperatures.

Weighted blankets are known to keep you warmer than you should be since it has an added weight, this is practically given. But with the Bearaby Tree Napper, you do not have to worry about that anymore since it is knitted in a way that will still provide you great breathability.

According to a Tree Napper Blanket review, this weighted blanket is made from 50% TENCEL, 45% Organic cotton, 5% Spandex. This is one of the most sustainable fabrics around the world so you can be assured that this will be in the perfect condition even with its prolonged use. There are no artificial fillers or synthetic beads inside the nappers so you will have a naturally soft and comfortable sleep.

The Tree Napper Blanket would be the best option for you to keep you comfortable, safe, and cool as you sleep with this at night.