Weighted sleep mask benefits: Improves relaxation in helping you fall asleep

Weighted Sleep Mask is a must-have item

Few people cannot sleep well at night due to some reasons such as they are having sleep disorder or insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Good thing, most sleep industries manufactured products that aid an individual’s sleep, one of them is the weighted sleep mask. It weighs 400 grams that will be distributed evenly across the face. Most of the weighted sleep masks are made of fabric wherein the foam is enclosed and has small beads as it adds to the weight that will perfectly fit the eyes and blocks out the light.

Furthermore, weighted sleep mask comes in many forms to be able to suit to different sleep styles or position so also some disorders which are the reason that your sleep is interrupted. For instance, your child has sensory processing disorder (SPD) or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), perhaps you may prefer a silk sleep mask so the fabric will not abrade your child’s skin. Silk sleep masks are made for people who have sensitive skin but there is some weighted sleep mask that has great features that include calming aromatherapy fragrance or has built-in sound mufflers that can help in blocking out the noise from the outside.

Benefits of using Weighted Sleep Mask

1. Improve sleep quality

According to the study, people have “light sensitive” cells located in the retina of our eyes and it tells the brain when is the daytime or nighttime plus determines the sleep pattern. If you are a person that is early to bed but you are exposed to light, probably you can fall asleep in your usual time and you might miss out on the health benefits of sleeping early at night.
Gravity Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask
Health benefits of sleeping early at night

  • You will have a better sleep quality which means it improves your sleep during the night.
  • It will reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer.
  • You will have a healthier heart because it lowers the blood pressure.
  • It can help improve your memory because you will have an alert mind that can help to acquire and absorb information while you are awake.
  • It can control you weigh because sleep can stop the pounds that are being piled on.
  • You will feel happier because you are in a good mood always.
  • You can get more energy after having a goodnight’s sleep.
  • It can help strengthen your immune system which means you will not get sick easily.
  • It can help reduce anxiety and depression.
  • You will feel more attractive, younger, and healthier because sleep is good for the skin.

2. Fall asleep faster

Tossing and turning in bed usually happens whenever you had a hard time sleeping at night. Sometimes we forced ourselves to sleep by simply closing our eyes so that we can fall asleep but it does not happen because our minds are awake. After doing it, you will probably have a headache then feel weak the next day due to not getting enough sleep that night. According to the sleep expert, wearing a weighted sleep mask can reduce the time being spend in lying awake while in bed. Complete darkness can boost the body’s melatonin level that sends you to sleep faster compared to not wearing a sleep mask. A few individuals have proven it and it’s effective to them.

3. Save your life

Whenever you are sleeping in complete darkness, it allows your body to secrete plenty of melatonin. However, if there’s not enough melatonin you will possibly get a deadly disease. Melatonin can prevent the damage in your DNA in which aging, expose to cancer that causes chemicals or harmful rays from the sun. It’s vital that you must protect your DNA as it can help prevent cancer. Many people are having cancer now so let’s avoid it by simply using a weighted sleep mask.

4. Block out the damaging light

Blue light surrounded us most of the time since a few of us are using night stand alarm clock, the light from our smartphones so also the glow from the TV. In the day time, it is good for us because it can get our attention, reaction, and mood. However, during the night it can interrupt our sleep and dangerous to our health. The light can lessen the secretion of the melatonin. The researchers from Harvard examined the effects of exposure to blue light in 6.5 hours compared to the green light that has different levels in its brightness. As a result, the blue light can suppress melatonin two times as long as the green light then shifted circadian rhythms by twice or more.

5. Ease depression

A few individuals who are using a weighted sleep mask, they said that this sleep mask can do miracles for your mental health. Sleeping in total darkness can reduce depression, indicated by numerous Japanese adults stated in the longitudinal study. By this experiment, individuals who saw more than five lux during the night can have symptoms of depression compared to those who sleep in total darkness. You better try reading weighted sleep mask review, you will learn more about the benefits of using this type of sleep mask.

6. Feeling more relaxed

There are several scientific research that is supported by the National Sleep Foundation that touching can improve sleep. The “deep touch pressure” stimulate promotes to release the serotonin, it is a chemical that can regulate sleep. Others may use the nodpod weighted sleep mask as it can harness the sensation. Its gentle pressure of the four microbead filled pods that are applied to your face has a relaxing effect like you are hugged by somebody. It does not only make you feel more relaxed and ease the feelings of anxiety but these microbeads can also shape your face for a better light blocking experience.

7. Enhances your skin

If you have chosen the right sleep masks, you will have youthful skin for it fights the signs of aging. It is also good to have a silk sleep mask because they have full of natural proteins. Whenever you have sensitive skin you should have sleep masks that have mulberry for it has a protein called sericin that can reduce allergic reactions. The silk sleep mask is soft and smooth plus it can help regulate the body temperature and helps control the moisture. You will feel warm during winter and cold in the summer season.

8. Good for traveling

It’s hard to take a nap or get some good quality sleep while you’re on the plane or in a hotel room without the right black-out curtains because the light has a harmful effect on your sleep. The sleep mask can save you in that situation for it is portable and small enough that you can put inside your travel bag. The sleep mask is a must-have item if you want to get many winks inside the plane according to the sleep experts. Many travelers have been bringing a sleep mask now because it helps them drift off even when they are on the plane or in a road trip.

What is Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS)

This is firm but it applies gentle squeeze, hugs, or holding the can help relax your nervous system. The pressure can be applied by using your hands, massage tools, or equipment or items that your children can wear or wrap around themselves in order to provide pressure. Just like when you woke up on a cold morning under the weighted blankets then you will feel calm and peaceful. Also, gravity blankets weighted sleep mask has this type of feature that you must consider in owning a sleep mask.

Weighted sleep mask recommended for everyone

Weighted Sleep Mask
Weighted sleep mask has deep pressure stimulation that can help people who are affected by insomnia, anxiety, and an autism spectrum disorder. So, if you want to get a good night’s sleep during the night, better try using this type of sleep mask. In addition, you are suffering from a psychological condition in which gives you a hard time to sleep at night, for sure you will find this sleep mask a great help for you. However, if you have been diagnosed with having a sleep problem or psychological disorder, you better talk to a professional on how to get proper treatment for your sleep condition.

Furthermore, there are many weighted sleep masks available on the market today. It comes with different designs and colors for you to choose from. Before buying a new one, be sure to read the weighted sleep mask review as it can help you get the right sleep mask for you. By doing it, you will know its great features if it is suitable for you. Of course, you might consider its cost if it fits your budget. The most important thing is you know the reason why you are buying a weighted sleep mask, to be able to get a better night’s rest. So, you should be willing to invest in it because sleep is essential. You will have a healthy mind and body if you always have a good sleep every night.